Brown and Sarkozy and the Arsenal Summit


Picture: The Guardian

Don’t they make a lovely couple.

As part of the wider efforts to tackle climate change, Britain and France are cosying up to form a dynamic Anglo-French nuclear partnership and together they are going to take the nuclear message to the world.  Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy are to unveil a nuclear pact which will involve the worldwide marketing of nuclear technology: 

There is a growing view within the energy industry that nuclear power could be the next lucrative market. British Energy, the country’s biggest reactor operator, has become the target of a potential £7bn takover bid as the UK tries to guarantee a secure future energy supply without relying on gas imports from Russia as North Sea oil and gas supplies dwindle.

Almost 70% of France’s energy comes from nuclear power and Gordon brown wants to take advantage of France’s nuclear expertise when the building of Britain’s new-and-controversial generation of nuclear plants commences.  Oh goody.

The announcement will be made at the Arsenal summit next week in London. 

All very comforting isn’t it but what I want to know is why is it called the Arsenal summit?


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