Earth Hour: Tonight 8pm

Just a reminder . . .  


Last year, Sydney, Australia held its first Earth Hour in a stand against climate change.  Everybody who signed up agreed to switch off all their lights for one hour on a set date and time.  Even Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House got involved and switched off.

This year it’s going global and towns, cities, businesses and households alike are signing up.   Even Google is taking part.  We might as well take part too and get a taster of the Dark Age that is a-coming.  As individuals, the event will take no effort.  It could be fun.  Just get out the candles and have a lovely, candlelit evening.  If you have kids, get the board games out.  Or if you’re going to be out and about at that time and your town or city is taking part, take your camera and capture the unlit building and structures.

Just look at it as the hour you’re going to lose tonight when we put the clocks forward.  Yes, I know that doesn’t add up but don’t let the details deter you.

One hour isn’t going to solve the climate problem and some would argue that it’s nothing more than a gimmick, but it will raise awareness and will perhaps encourage us to have more lights out hours. 

For more details, click here. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. I posted on my effort.

    Don’t shout, I did try! 😦


  2. Well done hon.

    We did it. Me and the kids played Monopoly by candlelight. The kids loved it.

    I hate Monopoly!


  3. The problem is even worse than all that. 4000 world scientists met in Orlando to study it. It appears the Arctic will have lost all its ice in summer by 2015, the Antarctic following suit. And conclusions are this is coming irreversible.

    As it always happens the energy corporations are rubbing their hands as the reserves of oil and gas in the zone are incalculable, but it’s about time for the people like us, conscientious of what life may be for future generations, rub their eyes and wake up.

    Is it time for scientists, environmentalists, to take the relay baton from politicians who are subjected to all kinds of economic influences, and be raised in their status to lead the world countries?. I think it is because the world will be nothing worth being lived in earlier than too optimistic politicians believe. And we need knowledge to be over greed.

    I am trying to find a link to the meeting I refer to above and will not fail to pass it on here as soon as I get it.


  4. I’m sorry but it appears the piece of news I refer to above is of no importance to the powerful Media. It seems the Media are more interested in supporting the use of the huge reserves of oil and gas in the poles by the omnipresent corporations.

    I must say I heard the news on the Spanish Cadena SER, one of the most prestigious radio chains here.

    I will, however, keep watching to see if any news about the Orlando meeting comes up anywhere so that I may give you a link.


  5. Thanks for trying to find it Jose. I think the meeting you are referring to is called the Ocean Sciences Meeting, partly run by ASLO but I can’t get on to their website.

    Good points again. While I was searching for info about that meeting, I came across this:

    The seals, the polar bears, eco-systems . . . they will all perish along with the melting ice . . . making it easier for the oil and gas people to access their treasures.


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