On Sofa’s and Sod’s law

Why is it that when people clean out their sofa’s they always find money among the crumbs and when I clean out my sofa all I find is the remote control that we long since gave up looking for and no longer have the TV that it belongs to anyway?


4 responses to this post.

  1. You’d be sick if you saw the rubbish between the cushions on my sofas!

    Always a few bob to be found beside Chef’s spot, though…


  2. It’s amazing what can be found down the sides. I hate sticking my hands right down there. All the crumbs get in your fingernails.

    I also found a crisp packet, my tweezers and a Unison magazine.

    My sofa has very deep sides.


  3. If I were you, misLH and Earthpal, I’d inspect my sofa every night before going to bed, lest you wake up the following morning with an empty house. Thieves are very wise. LOL


  4. I’ve just checked down the sides of ours. I found Christmas cake, a thruppenny bit, my egagement ring (not from this relationship) four passports (all Chef’s) and several copies of the Big Issue!


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