I’m going in . . . .

My son led me to his room this morning and asked if I thought he should be on Clutter Nutters.  I said definitely, yes.

He had the demolition squad round yesterday and this is what they did . . . .

I can put up with the mess for so long – I can convince myself that he is a creative kid who needs to express himself but now and then I flip and today is a flip day.  

I tell him and tell him to tidy his room and sometimes in my desperation I resort to bribery knowing that he will store it up for future exploitation but a mother has to survive.  He does make an effort – a tiny one.  But he is hapless – he shoves everything under the bed. 

So, I’m going in.  Bye bye.  It’s been fun.


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  1. I have always thought that mums are the persons in the world with most patience who help the planet turn smoothly. LOL


  2. Here’s hoping for your safe return! We will wait for you.


  3. Hey Bindi babe!

    Thanks. I surfaced late last night. It was tough but I endured it, I persevered and I’m just awaiting my Victory medal.

    How’s New York? Going to catch up with your blog.


  4. Phew. We admire your courage! A medal you deserve!

    NYC was fab! I didn’t get much time to write while I was away, but have started letting the stories flow since I’ve been back.


  5. That’s nothing! Sheesh!

    You should see Belle and Spud’s room. I find *all sorts* down the side of her bed and often there’s popcorn under his duvet! Sneaky beggar! 😎


  6. Did you get my parcel?


  7. Well it’s been three days and the room is almost as bad again!

    Yes, got your parcel, thank you very muchly. Oink! Oink! Did you enjoy the book?


  8. Hey, EarthPal, You still in there? 🙂


  9. Didn’t read the book! I’ll get it online, just thought I’d post it back in case I misled it!

    Apologies ~ Can’t find the one eared pig 😦


  10. Helen, hahaha. I got out. The room is almost as bad again now!

    MissyL, I’ll buy you a brand new copy and send it asap.


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