World Health Day

Today is World Health Day and rather than write something myself, I’d like to direct you to a great post written here by the lovely Baikong.


7 responses to this post.

  1. It’s said that the next “war” will be over water.

    Nice stream picture on your header. Makes me want to take out my fly rod and go fishing.


  2. Thanks Cats, the header is a snapshot of the River Wharfe running through Bolton Abbey. It’s a very picturesque part of Yorkshire.

    Yes, methinks there may be many food/water wars a-coming.


  3. Waste of money in weaponry. In new anti hypothetical-missile shields. Waste of money scaring the people. Wasting money on the media terrifying news on terrorism. Wars everywhere where money is also wasted together with innocent lives.

    I think it won’t be wars, I mean organised wars, it will be us against us, person against person who will fight to death for the ownership of a drop of water, a morsel of bread.

    I must say I expect not to be alive to witness it.

    This or conversely a kind of Messiah who rallies the world against it.


  4. Yes, it will be men/women up against each other Jose – the fight to survive.


  5. Baikong touches on the issue for the 21st century I think.

    We welcome Baikong as a new contributor to The Coffee House too.


  6. Yes, I’m really enjoying reading her blog.


  7. thanks everybody for the warm welcome! 🙂 I really feel like home.


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