Well folksie-wolksies, I’m off work this week and the kids are off school so as you can imagine, I’m already in great demand and under huge pressure to play and do fun things with them.  And at the end of the week we are off to sunny Bristol for three days on our annual rugby tour which will involve lot’s of shivering in muddy fields, tying boot laces and yelling at bad refs.

Rugby player in Chinese restaurant: Waiter, why are these noodles crunchy?

Waiter: Because they’re chopsticks sir.

So, unless something bites me so hard that I am desperately compelled to rush to the computer and write about it, I will be taking a blog holiday.  I need to go away anyway to try and locate my missing synapses and reunite them with my aimless neurons because their absence is starting to affect the quality of this blog. 

I will catch up with you late next week so don’t forget me. 

(I hope that damn WordPress team don’t go and move all the furniture around again while I’m away.  I can’t find a bloody thing now!).

Life is a game with many rules but no referee. One learns how to play it more by watching it than by consulting any book, including the holy book. Small wonder, then, that so many play dirty, that so few win, that so many lose.
Joseph Brodsky


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cintiadevi on April 8, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    earthpal on world health day


  2. I understand you, Earthpal. Your mind needs disconnection by all means.


  3. ROFL,
    I was in the middle of a post when they did the wordpress update. I thought I was seeing things.

    Have a good holiday…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  4. Hey EP, enjoy your blog holiday. 🙂


  5. Thanks guys. We’re off to Manchester Science Museum today. Sounds boring but it’s actually great fun on a rainy day.

    Clapso, lovely to hear from you.


  6. Hi EarthPal, How could we forget you? 🙂


  7. Earthpal? Who’s Earthpal?….


  8. Dunno. Gone missing near Bristol. Shall we send out a search party …. ‘pal needed to save earth’, do you copy, over ….


  9. Hehehe. Did ya miss me? Well . . . did’ya?

    Will catch up with all your wonderful blogs soon.



  10. Yo EP, of course we did. Come on over for a coffee. Hope you had a nice break. 🙂


  11. Thanks Matty. I would love a coffee. 😀

    I’m slowly catching up with your blog.


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