Local and Mayoral Elections

I’m proud to say that Green candidate David Carter will be getting my vote in the local elections on May the 1st.

Looking at the London elections, the mayoral candidate, Siân Berry, being realistically aware that the likelihood of her winning is slim, has bravely asked voters to choose Ken Livingstone in the final rounds in order to keep Boris Johnson a million miles away from the mayors chamber.  She also rightly points out that . . . the only problem – and it’s not a small one – is the pitifully tiny amount of attention actually given to the Assembly elections by the ‘Boris and Ken show’ obsessed press. Hardly anyone is aware we have a progressive, almost-fair, PR-based system for the Assembly election . . .    Yes, just another reflection of the shallow and voyeuristic nature of our society at present.

Anyway, – just for fun – take the Fantasy Mayor quiz.  My results were (no surprises here) – Based on your choices, you should vote for Sian Berry. Sian Berry is the Green Party candidate.

And there now follows a Party Election Broadcast by the Green party . . .


No actors were involved in the making of this film.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, Earthpal. I’m back home after having had a pacemaker implanted. I’m still feeling a bit tired, and afraid I cannot visit this wonderful place more often for the time being. I’ll pop in occasionally.

    My best wishes.


  2. Welcome back Petal!

    Thanks for the comment on the pics of the kiddies. Don’t you think Belle’s bubblegum looks like a condom? 😆


  3. Hey Jose, so sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital.

    Pacemakers have a high success rate and should improve your life quality. Warmest healing thoughts to you Jose. I will look forward to your visits here as and when you can. Take care of yourself. xxx

    Thanks MissyL.

    Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. I just didn’t have the nerve to write it on your blog on account of all the good Christian people who visit. Lol.


  4. Thank you, Earthpal. My only problem is that my left hand cannot be used as I’d like, it hurts you know LOL.

    As to the elections for mayor, yes it’s about time for electors to choose candidates whose main concern is environment because the latter is not something to be played with.


  5. Yes, I think it will all boil down to the environment in the end Jose.

    Regarding the pacemaker, I suppose you will get used to your new limits. It must be frustrating for you though.


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