No evidence of Migrant Crime Wave

“A wide-ranging police study has concluded that the surge in immigrants from eastern Europe to Britain has not fuelled a rise in crime.”   Guardian

Is anyone surprised?  Thinking people everywhere have always claimed that this immigrancy and crime link is a myth spread by the scaremongers and reinforced by the uninformed and the ignorant. 

In fact, many of the immigrants themselves are the victims of crime due to racially-motivated attacks and verbal abuses by our own British citizens.  And in the case of asylum-seekers, the cruel irony is that they are locked up in detention centres awaiting the home office decision before they’ve put a foot wrong.

As the article states, there is no evidence of a link between increased crime rates and immigrancy and to consistently conflate the two is grossly misleading and simply results in prejudice and distrust which in turn, may result in a hostile and tense society.  But, to repeat what I said when the media was trying to tell us that migrant mothers were forcing British mums off our maternity wards, it’s easier for us to scapegoat the immigrants and blame all our social ills on them because it stops us from looking too closely at our own societal failings.  I hate this kind of stereotyping.  It’s lazy and it’s dishonest.

But I ‘ve enjoyed watching the Daily Hate Mail predictably spin out a counter-explanation.   


3 responses to this post.

  1. Indeed, Earthpal. And I ask: what about that African who risked his life at an underground station to save a young girl from falling on the rails just before a train passex?

    There are other cases like this.

    The fact is that when populations grow all the problems that are involved in them grow, too. But, with you, I’d say perhaps we should watch the bigot locals with more attention.


  2. I haven’t heard about the incident you talk about.

    You’re right, of course as the population increases, so do the problems. It’s a ratio thing. The bigots should learn to look at things in the right context.


  3. That incident happened in Madrid. The African was severely injured in the action. He recovered fortunately. In most cases the integration has been seen clearly. Blights happen in crops.


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