Water is not a Weapon!

Amnesty has released a shocking video against waterboarding.  It’s a very powerful film that highlights the sheer cruelty involved in this method of torture.  The CIA denies that waterboarding is a torture technique, preferring to call it a professional interrogation technique and George Bush unsurprisingly vetoed legislation calling for it to be banned.  

You can watch the video on Amnesty’s unsubscibe-me website and decide for yourself whether it is torture in all its brutal and dehumanising glory or a reliable and necessary technique that enables our services to extract vital information for the sake of our security.  You decide whether it’s ok for the government officials of supposedly civilised nations to make a mockery of our human values and carry out such perverse torture methods in our names.   

My view?  Yes, it is torture . . . and it does not increase our security.  It’s illegal and what’s more, it’s a degrading and shameful misuse of a precious natural resource that many people are literally dying to get hold of.



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