Yay, I’ve been tagged! I’m still in the Blogosphere.

Misslionheart has tagged me and and the idea is to list 5 things I wish to achieve during the week ahead and hopefully get motivated!  Well I am a great one for making lists but getting motivated to actually carry out the itemised tasks usually requires a blunt kick up the backside.  I’ve been having a look at some of the lists made by other bloggers and it seems that most of their desired achievements are of a domestic nature and trust me, if I follow the same pattern it will take much more than a kick up the backside to get all my boxes ticked.

Anyway, my intentions are good so here goes:

  1. Visit my friend who is financially and emotionally struggling to get by as things are coming to a head.  It’s not good.  This one will definitely be ticked without said kick up the backside. 
  2. Finish the two books I started ages ago – A Lake Beyond the Wind by Yahya Yakhlif and The Story of My Face by Kathy Page
  3. Go to bed before 11pm every night. 
  4. Email my friend in America and arrange a reunion with him and the chocolate orange gang before the only two all-available dates have passed.  Reunion to take place over here and not in the States unfortunately.
  5. Well I suppose I should at least intend to do some domesticated stuff such as face the ironing pile that is currently breaking all world records.

I am tagging anyone who can get motivated to take part.  Helen is currently busy with her wonderful poetry but maybe she’ll enjoy the break.

 Cartoon by Dave Walker at We Blog Cartoons


4 responses to this post.

  1. Your number three is on my next list!

    Che’f’s brother is getting married this Summer…


  2. Like the cartoon. It is wonderful how we can now link into a whole different world at a few clicks of the mouse. Baikong’s world for example.


  3. Thanks Missy. It’s a lovely post. Reminds me of this one.

    Great isn’t Matt.


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