Cleaning to the beat of . . .

When I am cleaning up, I always play music and today my son chose for me.  His current favourite song is Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin (yes, he has good taste in music) and he often puts it on repeat play.  Interestingly, this song is often mistakenly accredited to Cat Stevens but Wiki puts us straight while explaining the story behind the song.

And indeed, the words to this song struck me as I was cleaning our bathroom.  You can’t fail to hear the message and one thing I’ve always said is that when we are busy and our kids are demanding our attention asking us to go play with them, we would be wise to realise that one day, we will be fighting for their attention.  Admittedly, to my shame, I don’t always live up to this advice and sadly, there are some strong parallels between the song words and our own family situation but anyway, here is a You Tubey of the good song itself – for your listening pleasure:

I’m off to finish the bathroom play football with me laddy.  Have a great weekend folks.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey there! Nice to see you. Hope you had a good time with the footy (soccer, I presume?).


  2. Hi Binds. Yes, footy = soccer.

    Well we didn’t play after all. His little buddy from down the road called for him so they played happily together and he forgot all about me. Lol.


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