Election Autopsy

Well for me the worst result has to be London. 

He combed his hair.  That’s what did it.  I saw him on Question Time the other week and he’d swept out his branded dishevelled look in an effort to look more normal but the blubbering moron was still within.  The people of London just couldn’t see it it.

Seriously though, why on earth the Londoners chose an over-privileged, homophobic racist I will never know.  He is totally out of touch with real people and he will undo all the good things that have been achieved under Ken Livingstone.  Think of Ken how you like but he made some very real progress.  In contrast, Boris Johnson will represent no Londoner that isn’t white, über-rich and heterosexual.  He hides a proper, real-life right-wing agenda behind his bumbling appeal but, as many have already said, perhaps his mayorship will serve a purpose, if only to demonstrate what life would be like under a Tory government.

Anyway, he inherits a thriving city with sensible working social and congestion policies insitu.  Let’s see how long it takes the bloody stupid clown to cock it all up.  Of course, he has to listen to the Assembly which now has two Greens and, catastrophically in my book, a BNP member.

Labour predictably retained their power in my local council.  And individually, in my ward, the Tories kept hold of their seat.  The turnout was 35.28%.  I voted for the Green party candidate who sadly got the least number of votes, his votes actually falling from last year by 17.  Ho hum.  The people in my area are traditional Tory voters and they’re doing fine so I guess nothing will move them.  Well actually, it’s hard to say what kind of voter they are because the estate where I live is only a few years years old so we’ve no real history to go by but we did join an existing ward which is traditionally Tory, although they did, in a moment of xenophobic ignorance, vote for the England First party in 2006.  Lordy me!  I’d rather have the Tories.

The good result of the year from my perspective is the Norwich one.  The Greens are celebrating after the good and wise people of Norwich chose them to become their second largest party and, importantly, the main oppostion to Labour.  The best thing about this is that the Greens are now in a good position to challenge Charles Clarke at the next general election so we may finally get a Green MP in Westminster.  I’m getting quite giddy just thinking about it. 

Anyway, poor Gordy.  Tony Blair must be feeling quite smug right now.  The thing about local elections, as most people know, is that they are often just a public warning to the government in power, kind of a civic mass message to our politicians telling them to get their political finger out . . . to buck up or get fired.  Of course, I’m no expert political analyst so I don’t know if there is a case to be made of these results being any kind of dire warning.  I guess we’ll see.  Some are saying that Gordon should now go but I don’t think he’s been tested enough yet.  It’s been widely suggested that the 10% tax thing broke him and sure, it was a very bad decision . . . and a very uncharacteristic one in my view because no-one has championed the cause of the poor or the lower paid better than Gordon.  He hasn’t gone far enough but no-one can deny the positive progress he has made thus far, and that’s why the tax change was so confusingly uncharacteristic.

In all honesty, I’ve lost touch with Labour.  Until I saw the light and became a Greenite, I was a true Labour gal, but not anymore.  Sometimes I long for the good old days of Tory v Labour, when Labour was actually a proper socialist party and the Conservatives were very definitely Conservative.  Yes, the days when policy fights had some real substance, something to sink your teeth into.  Oh, there’s still the bitching and the snarling in the Commons at Question Time but it’s just usually the Tories opposing anything that Labour says because that’s what opposing parties do, but without offering any alternative because their alternative is probably not actually an alternative but the same policy done differently.  In essence, all we get is two parties fighting for the same centre ground.  New Labour and New Conservatives.  Remind me, which is which?

I’m sticking with the Green party.  I know what they stand for and I like it.


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  1. […] people and he will undo all the good things that have been achieved under Ken Livingstone.? Think https://earthpal.wordpress.com/2008/05/03/election-autopsy/How Boris Johnson finally grew up to grasp his shot at redemption Times OnlineShortly before […]


  2. Yeah, what’s up with that?


  3. The high abstention percentage explains it all. Johnson got elected because the Right of always never abstains, and Labour’s wrongs have not been righted by G.Brown, on the contrary I have to think he wanted this bashing to happen.

    Is this the first step to drastically sink New Labour into oblivion?

    Because the experience has not been good, I should say.

    Leaders forget there’s wisdom in the electorate.


  4. Yes Jose. And it’s too late for Gordon to correct any of the wrong’s created by Labour. Not that he’d want to anyway.

    But, as chancellor, he did introduce some compassionate policies that lifted a lot of people out of poverty. As I said, not nearly enough but more than anyone has done before I think.

    No, it doesn’t look good for New Labour but the probable alternative is even more scary.


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