Selfish Shell

Shell, who prides itself on its progressive green initiatives, has reneged on its commitments to the London Array Scheme – a project to build the world’s biggest off-shore wind farm.  The company, who recently announced profits of £4bn, said that the decision was an economical one and claims that it is still fully committed to wind power.

Apparently, they prefer to focus on US wind power because the government incentives promised better returns.  Of course there’s nothing new about the company looking for better returns. We know that all large corporations are motivated by greed but maybe they ought to read this article.  Maybe we’ll see them scurrying back to the UK, cap-in-hand.

Anyway, although BWEA are said to be playing down the pull-out, it remains to be seen as to whether it will put the project in jeopardy.  It certainly must be a huge blow.  What a shame.




5 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm, strange decision, especially when incentives in the US are about to fall by the wayside. E.ON or some such large German congromerate could surely step in.

    Hey, hope you’ll put this up at The Coffee House. 😉


  2. Hi Matt, I’m trying to. I just emailed you.


  3. OK, just replied.


  4. Perhaps governments should contemplate building the farms themselves. After all governments are responsible to their voters for a better quality of living.


  5. I don’t disagree with that idea Jose. Just not sure this approach would work. Specialists need to do the work which means businesses. As soon as the businesses know government is paying for it they double the price through construction delays. UK taxes would get swallowed up. Having said that, they have done exactly this with the nuclear industry!


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