Pastor Parsley!

Introducing Raving Rev. Rod – American televangelist, dominionist and denouncer of all things Islamic, homosexual or non-Jesus worshipping.

Senator John McCain calls him a spiritual guide.  I’d call him a misguided spirit.

Really!  Well apologies for dragging up an old post but where do the religious right get their self-righteous superiority from?  What is it with their deep and unmoving belief in their own moral supremacy?

I’m always confused when the Christian right-wing disparagingly blames every social ill on the lib/lefties. They even blame acts of Islamic terrorism on liberal values.  Don’t they realise that their main man was the ultimate liberal progressive who would be mortified to know that people use his name to support their very un-Christian social attitudes; that persons of enormous power have used his name to go to war based on lies?

Jesus was the founder of a global religious movement based on those very liberal values that the Conservative Christians love to deride. The teachings he asked his followers to abide by were fundamentally liberal.  His life ethos was that of caring for the poor – the less fortunate.  Of healing and helping.  His whole philosophy for living was based on compassion and humanity.  Of pacifism and peace.  Of tolerance, inclusion and equality.

He totally rejected the vengeful eye for an eye, judgemental attitudes that are, generally speaking, typical traits of the Christian right.  He opposed the massive wealth-building, power-wielding materialism that is much more natural to the evangelical right wing Bush-types.  He asked his followers to reject aggressive war-mongering and seek the non-violent peaceful path.

None of us are perfect.  Not the Christian right nor the liberal/left.  We’ve all got it wrong. We all get taken up by self-absorbed materialistic pleasures which often make us selfish and mean individuals.  But whether we believe in a God or not…whether we follow a religion or we don’t – if we made efforts to abide by some of the social teachings attributed to Jesus it would be a pretty good life ethos to live by, wouldn’t it.  And the world would be a better place, wouldn’t it.

The last thing America needs is another theocratising American President, guided by an extremist spiritual barmpot who thinks he has exclusive access to the truth.


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  1. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all Abrahamic religions with common roots. Funny they’ve been at each other’s throats for centuries.
    I’ve always thought it should be possible to follow all the teachings of Jesus without actually being a Christian. Unfortunately, I’m told this is a heresy 🙂


  2. Hi Pete. I know!! They are all much the same so why on earth are they so hostile towards each other?

    I totally agree about Jesus. But if you aren’t born again and don’t truly believe he is the son of god, then you’ve had it, no matter how much you abide by his teachings. Gulp!


  3. “.. so why on earth are they so hostile towards each other?”

    Politics, peer pressure, tradition. The inter-faith squabbles are bad enough, but when you look at the inter-sect spats over the centuries, Catholic v Protestant, Sunni v Shia, you despair.

    I remember reading some academic deconstruction of the Crusades as an economic war rather than a conflict of ideologies. A bit like Iraq.


  4. Wars are always declared on humane reasons when experience has told us along the years that they are impelled by human greed.

    Christ’s teachings, if they were followed by most of us, would be the salvation of the world. As would Islam and Judaism if they were followed strictly.

    Funny how the real religious teachings are sidestepped and purposefully misinterpreted by the most fanatic followers.

    Excellent post, Earthpal.


  5. This is a topic that makes me amused at the Irony. Before I say anything I would like to say- because I am Not Christain, some might say that I dont have the right to talk of something I dont know. But I believe, Observation is not the exclusive domain of any Particular religion.
    Here are my observations –
    1. I have been told that if I dont accept Jesus as my saviour, God would put me in Hell.
    –the Irony- when they say such a thing arent they contradicting “Only God has the right to judge” and “The Claim that their God is a Merciful God.”

    2. The evangelics Claim that they have to “Harvest the heathen souls unto their God”
    –the Irony- If God is all powerful as they Claim him to be, why would he need someone else to do the Harvesting?

    I do have a list, of things I observe about “the evangelical Christains or the right wing or fanatical Christains” Its amazing to observe how they reflect their own thoughts while they make comments about others.

    Now that is not to say that there arent any teachings thats worthy within Christainity or any of the Abrahamic religions. What I have observed is that if you strip all the Packaging and the Name given to religions, the core teachings within any religion is that of Compassion, Kindness, Truth, Mercy, Forgiveness, Courage etc. Things that Give a sense of Harmony and Nobleness to being Human. I wish the world could just take the Core and let the Package go.


  6. Pete, yes it’s amazing how the inter-denominations squabble with each other. There are too many people of faith who believe they have exclusive access to the truth.
    Jose, absolutely agree with all your comment. Yes, the clerics and the religious leaders have a lot to answer for.
    MySoul, you have every right to express your opinions and they’re very welcome here. Thanks. Yes, the Christian religion (and I dare say Islam and Judaism too) is full of contradictions and the Bible is riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies.

    I wish the world could just take the Core and let the Package go

    Amen to that!


  7. Yes, MySoul, I am with Earthpal and yourself re Core and Package.



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