Garden Pond-erings and Reflections

We took advantage of the weather this weekend and worked on our garden and patio area and as I laboured away, many a random observation and idea popped into my empty head and you’ll be thrilled to know that I’m going to share them all with you so here goes:

Ponder number 1:  To build or not to build a pond in our back garden?  A little wildlife pond . . . with rockery and plants around it and little fishes swimming in the water and a little fountain trickling down the rockery into the pool?  As a girl I was utterly enchanted by my auntie’s garden pond.  I thought it was truly magical.  It had a delightful little bridge going over it and I would constantly put her poor harassed cat on it and make him walk across.  Frogspawn would appear each year and when the little frogs emerged, they would scatter across the lawn and my aunt had to avoid cutting her grass for ages in case she killed one of the babies.  

Yes, I think I’ve talked myself into it and now it just remains for me to talk the husband into it.  My kids aren’t toddlers anymore so there are no risk of accidents and I’m sure they’ll get as much enjoyment from it as I did from my auntie’s pond.  In fact, it just occurred to me . . . a neighbour where we used to live had a pond and my kids used to pester me to make one just like it so the idea is already set.

Ponder number 2:  Why is it unacceptable for us to have dandelions growing on our lawns?  Why can’t people see the prettiness of the yellow flowers amid the sea of daisies and the green grass rather than obssessing about having a perfectly clean-shaven lawn.  We fail to see the colour of sunshine in dandelion flowers, instead we just see an ugly weed that we associate with things like bed-wetting thanks to some gossipy old tale-spreading wife of days gone by. 

Ok, the dandelion kills off other plants by blocking the sunlight but it has lots of good uses; you can eat the leaves as part of a salad dish, you can make dandelion wine or dandelion tea from the flower and it also attracts many a pretty butterfly, not to mention the very important and very busy bee.  As for the old wife and that tale, like many old-wives tales, it actually does have some truth in its origins because the dandelion root is used as a diuretic in some places. 

And remember the fun you had with the dandelion heads when they turned into fluffy cotton balls?  We used to call them sugar-stealers and we would blow the fluffy seeds off the heads until they were bald and we would make wishes.  Little did we realise that we were actually helping to spread the weed thus causing further lawn carnage. 

Ponder number three:  Why am I revolting for collecting worms from the soil and putting them into my compost bin to accelerate the process?  My daughter and my husband said it was revolting.  Well, I don’t exactly relish the thought of picking them up and I do have to switch off all my senses before I can touch them but it’s not that much of a gruesome task.  They’re just slimy worms for goodness sake.  I used to pick up the little frogs from my aunties pond too.  Is that as equally revolting? 

My arachnaphobic girls would be in a perfect pickle if I was of the hysterically squeamish type and couldn’t bear to scoop up the menacing little house spiders that terrorise them while they’re taking a shower.  Where would they be then hmm?  No, I’m not so revolting when they need me to evict the spiders. 

Anyway, the earthworm – people should know, the humble little earthworm is atually the big daddy of the garden eco-system.  Yes, as he modestly works away, he is actually doing his very vital bit for the planet without which we’d all be snookered.  So let’s give kudos where it’s due and big it up for the un-loved and misunderstood little earthworm.

Ponder number four:  Why does the grumpy git next door threaten to keep my son’s ball every time he runs on his front lawn to retrieve it?  It’s not like the guy is an old man or anything.  He’s only in his thirties.  That’s way too young for him to be turning into the resident bogey-man.  He even has a little girl of his own.  If he can’t handle kids at play, maybe he should have thought twice about buying a house on a large estate that consists of large family homes!

Ponder number five:  Why did huge balls of hailstone come pelting down during yesterday’s storm?  Lordy!  They were like ping-pong balls bouncing on and off the road! 

What an odd end to a glorious day.   


5 responses to this post.

  1. 1.- If I had a garden I’d definitely build a pond in it for the pleasure to see fish swimming about. However I must warn you, Earthpal, against water snakes, number one enemies of the pond fish. The pond may be built in a way to fend them off.

    2.- Flowers are also a subjective matter, as are colours. So dandelions will no doubt soothe your spirit.

    3.- Worms are a very special item in the food chain. They are also used by anglers and I wonder whether your girls would object to eating tasty fish. LOL.

    4.- Having the right neighbour is like a gift from heaven. Perhaps yours doesn’t remember how he behaved when he was a boy, which would make him older than he actually is.

    5.- Nature is unpredictable, but having hail in Spring rather seems a omen of what weather will be like in the near future.


  2. 1. Build a pond
    2. Dandelions are ugly weeds
    3. I must get a compost bin
    4. Keep throwing the ball in, even when your little boy is at school
    5. Those buggers hurt! 😆


  3. Just found your blog, absolutely lovely!

    1- I can’t wait to see pictures of your pond if you do build one. I’m sure it’ll provide lots of learning opportunites for your kiddos (as well as a place of enchantment!).

    2- I feel the same way about dandelions!

    3- My daughter (3yo) keeps stealing worms OUT of the compost pile. Maybe I should get her to put some in yours for you?

    4/5- Grr to your neighbor, and yikes at the hail!


  4. Agree with Jose; good neighbours are like gold dust. Maybe he’s worried about his car/plants/lawn/driveway/windows getting dented/crushed/smashed. Maybe he’s not getting enough attention from his wife, hence his grumpiness!

    Pond, great idea! I keep wondering why certain plants are classed as weeds. Bit like some people in the world get classed as being lower than others. Both strange habits of the humans.


  5. Jose, #1snakes you say?? Well picking up wriggly little worms is one thing. Snakes are another thing entirely!
    MissyL, #4: heheh, yes I am tempted.
    April, hi. Welcome. Thanks for the comments. I will visit your own blog promptly. It has a lovely name. Lol@ #3 & #4
    Matty, yes, he could just be concerned about his windows or his car. I just tell my lad to keep away from his garden to avoid any confrontations. I’m no good at confrontation.


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