Tagged again!

The Motivation Monday maniac has tagged me again.

The rules of the game are simple enough…just list 5 things you wish to achieve during the week ahead and hopefully get motivated!

Well right now I’m so tired I could eat a horse.  No, that’s not right . . . that’s what you say when you’re very hungry.   Well I ‘m so tired I could go to sleep.

Anyhoo, here’s my list of things that I wish somebody would do for me to achieve in the days ahead:

  • Return some clothes to shop and get refund.
  • Still haven’t read the books listed in my previous MM so ditto on that.
  • Tidy bedroom.
  • Change bedding.
  • Go to yoga class tomorrow night for the first time in months.



7 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck! 😆


  2. I join misslionheart in her wishes.


  3. Thanks guys.

    Only one box ticked so far.


  4. Did you go to bellydancing class?


  5. No, there’s no belly-dance class at the mo. My teacher has gone walkabout in the East. Didn’t make it to yoga either. No-one to look after the kiddies.


  6. Pain, isn’t it? I’ve missed so much because Chef works late and I’m not prepared to pay someone to mind the kids!


  7. I know. Me too. Sigh.


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