On Reunions and Happy Days!

I’m busy making a movie . . . of sorts. 

I’m having a reunion with a bunch of friends.  Most of them are now scattered across the country and two of them live in the States so we don’t get together as much as we’d like to.  We’ve all known each other since we were eleven years old and have been a close friendship group from the tender age of thirteen although some of us have known each other even longer, since we were tiny four-year olds.  We now only see each other twice a year at best but the bond has never broken.  Collectively, we haven’t all been together since the millennium.   

Well finally it’s going to happen.  Next week.  And I’m über delighted and excited.

I thought it would be fun to make kind of a CD slideshow of all the pictures I possess of us all and set them to music . . . songs that mean something to us.  My big plan is to try and set certain songs to play as specific photographs are displayed that might be relevant to the song but I’m probably being a bit too ambitious.  Piece of cake I hear you sneer.   Yes, easy for you to say but it’s not so easy for techno-chumps like myself.  I’m determined to make it work though.

So, this week I’ve been lost in my bedroom sorting through all my photographs and it’s been a mammoth task because there are hundred and hundreds of them.  And scanning them has been an almighty labour of love I can tell you but I’ve scanned every single picture, even the little ones from those photo-booths that we all used to pile into on a Saturday afternoon and pull stupid faces. 

Looking through the photographs and searching for the songs of our time has been quite a journey and I’ve loved it.  It’s been so wonderful revisiting all those fond and happy memories and I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  I’ve done a fair bit of cringing too I might add . . . those 80’s fashions!  And the songs!  Music has this total ability to take us right back there, so much so you can feel it.

Do you know what though, digital camera’s are great but there’s nothing quite like those good old retro printed snaps from the little vintage instamatic camera’s that you had take to a developer and then you had to wait for days before your photo’s would be ready.  And of course, when we collected them, we couldn’t wait till we got home to look at them.  We would barely get through the shop door before we were checking them out and splitting our sides laughing in the middle of the mall, not caring what anyone thought or how loud we were. 

As for the techno-aided slide-show I’m attempting to make, I’m not sure what the result will be but if it’s a total flop, it will still be worth it because I’ve really enjoyed revisiting our many, many happy times.

Yes, here’s to much-loved good friends . . . and many more years of memory-making.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you, Earthpal, coming out of the “routine” will do wonders for you.


  2. Thanks Jose. It already has done.


  3. Hey EP, good idea! Your friends will love you even more for putting all the effort into doing this visual feast.

    Got back from holiday yesterday and one of the things we like to do is put on the holiday video … only hours after having got through the door. One week ain’t enough!


  4. Welcome back Matty. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Regarding the photo-movie . . . I had to start again from scratch because someone accidentally deleted all the pictures I scanned. Took me bloody ages to scan them all! I wasn’t pleased I can tell you. Good job they’re worth it.


  5. Deleted them all …. wot!!! OMG (faints)


  6. Yes, that was my reaction too! I’ve ony just finished doing it all again.


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