My Wonderful Plan and other things

Sheesh guys!  I go away for a while to get ready for the reunion today and this place turns into ghost land.  The only hits I’m getting are generated from that new automatically-generated thingy that WordPress added recently.  Even the spammers have lost interest.

Anyway, to bring you up-to-date and make sure you haven’t forgotten me, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get my reunion movie project ready.  I have been a woman obssessed since I started, so much so that I’ll admit shamefaced that my poor kids have been somewhat neglected throughout. 

I have finally finished the movie which proved to be a bloody nightmare on many levels.  It took weeks of pestering everyone for old photo’s and videos while trying not to ask those who were actually going to be in my movie.  And after managing to gather a decent collection, scan all the pics and download the vid’s, I had to then import them all into the movie-maker along with the music files. But bloody thing kept freezing and I had to keep restarting the computer.  One time, I had to start again from scratch because I lost everything and my husband, trying to be helpful, deleted the folder that contained all the pictures that took me a whole week to scan.  It was also unbelievably hard work trying to get the music to play in time with the appropriate pictures . . . all that dragging and dropping and trying to fade songs in and out has turned me into a gibbering wreck.  I’m not kidding!  I’m sure there must be an easier way but me being a techno-chump, it’s likely that I’ve done everything by the longest, hardest route possible. 

Anyway, finally I perfected the timing and all that remained for me to do was to burn the thing onto a dvd but could I do it?  COULD I ??? 

Erm no because I don’t have the dvd burner software (or is it hardware?  See, that’s how dumb I am!) that is required in order to burn things onto a dvd.  I have a cd re-writer so I was able burn my movie onto a cd but I could only watch it via the computer which was not part of my wonderful plan.  My wonderful plan consisted of popping the dvd into the dvd player in the lounge and telling everyone to hush, sit back and cringe revisit the moments.  And the other part of my wonderful plan was to make several copies, tie satin bows around each one put a £5 price tag on and hand them out to everyone as a little keep-sake.

Anyway, to cut a long story short (well not that short, sorry) I wasn’t going to let this thing beat me.  When I start something I am like a dog with a bone.  So I went off in search of advice . . . from people who actually know a technical thing or two about converting format’s and burning and stuff like that and this really nice guy in a computer shop gave me a Nero disc, free of charge, and told me what to do.  And although I was nodding and making all the right responses to his instructions, I really didn’t have a clue what he was telling me and I came away, eyes glazed, as dumb as I was before. 

Anyway, thank the gods of torment, something must have sunk in because I have finally managed to get it onto a video CD so it can now be played on our large TV.  It’s not perfect.  It’s rough around the edges.  But it captures the essence and portrays our spirit of friendship exactly how I intended it to.   I did wonder, for a silly brief moment, whether to put it on You Tube but I decided that no-one else in the world would be interested, and why should they be?

Well, the title above does say . . . and other things but I really must get off the computer and get ready for everyone arriving.  I’ll catch up with all you (automatically-generated) readers next week but in the meantime, have a great weekend.


11 responses to this post.

  1. I’d love to see it!

    Have a great time xx


  2. Yes, have a great time. I agree with misslionheart you should make it public, at least here.


  3. EP, you there? Wake up from your hang-over! Hope the dvd player didn’t blow up. 🙂


  4. See I told you the new automatically generated thingy was reading my blog! And she’s called Wonder Woman!

    Hi guys. Thanks for checking in. We had a wonderful time. Just about getting over the hangover. And the CD video was great. They loved it!!


  5. Let us see it!!!


  6. Yeah, come on!


  7. Btw EP, clicking on your Wonder Women link, my computer threw up a ‘Malware’ warning. Get rid of that link!


  8. Nope! Not on your life. You’re not getting to see me wearing New Romantic blouses and a tragic eighties haircut.


  9. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


  10. Thanks Sandrar.


  11. Sign: wdpad Hello!!! yummk and 6073vqgnaardpd and 9215 : I like your blog. cool post!


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