Excuse Me! Are we invisible?

So asketh the Church according to St. England. 

I’ve been catching up with the news and was amused to see that the Church of England is sulking because it thinks the government is favouring Islam.  Ah bless.  My kids do this too.  They carry out all kinds of attention-seeking antics when they feel that I’m paying more attention to one of their siblings.  Well they used to anyway.  The youngest is eight now and he’s grown out of such tantrums.

So . . . the bishops have accused the government of “religious illiteracy” and in true BNP style, they say that their church is being discriminated against by the government in favour of the minority religions.  Well beside the fact that the Church of England is surely a minority religion itself these days, how on earth can it claim neglect when it’s the only religion represented in the House of Lords? 

It’s not that long ago that a C of E bishop said that some elements of Sharia law were inevitable in Britain.  Make your mind up.  Come on now churchy-wurchy – you have your very own Queen.  And you soooo know the Brownie government has no favourites and loves you all exactly the same so snap out of it. 

Bottom line is, no religion should get special treatment by the state.  But of course Islam is going to be a specific focus.  Without the perceived threat of Islamic terrorism how else could Brownie-boy get away with stripping us of our liberties?  How else could he justify the 42 day detention policy that he is urging?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Indeed, how else? Of course a great component of his decisions may be fear itself. Our governments have so much stressed the threat of terrorism that they themselves have come to believe it is the most important threat in the world, ignoring that there are other problems more important than the terrorism they themselves have helped to be built.


  2. That’s the one Jose. The war on terror and the perceived threat of fear. That’s how they’ve got the broader public backing for the 42 day detention extention


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