(Almost) Rants and Viewing Points

What’s that phrase they use about a week being a very long time in politics?  Oh yes, I remember.  It’s . . . a week is a very long time in politics. 

The same can be said about the news. 

I get my time on the pc and one of the first things I do is check out the news.  And I always come across several news items that make me think to myself . . . oooh, I  might just have one or two things of a ranty nature to say about thisOr I might snigger and say to myself . . . I just know I’ve got something sarcastic to say about that.   And other times . . . oh, this would be good to bring up over at the Coffee House.

Then my little boy comes along and says . . . Mum, let’s play on Club Penguin. You can play your favourite ‘Bean Counters’ game first.  So we play.  And after an hour or so, my laddie eventually drags me off so he can have his turn (I defy anyone to try getting off this game before at least three go’s).  Then Middlie comes along and . . . when can I come on the computer?  My friend is waiting for me on msn . . . and I have to put some piccies on my Bebo.  No, it can’t wait.  I need to do it now or it will be too late. 

So up I get and make myself useful somewhere else until I can get the pesky kids off to bed. 

Then, when all is still, I get on the pc but by this time I’ve joined the living dead so I give up and succumb to the sounds of my alluring duvet.  And all my opinionated opinions will have to wait until the next day.  Of course, when the next day comes, the cut-throat news industry being what it is – NEWS, all that I had mentally written about yesterday is just not current anymore.  It’s yesterday’s news.  And to be a roving blogger of current affairs, one has to keep up with current affairs as they occur – on the ground, before the sharper, eye-on-the-ball bloggers beat me to it.  So, I start again and on it goes until I’m reduced to this.

This is a cropped view from our roof-top louvre window.  And let me tell you folks that I risked life and limb to bring you this picture.  Hanging from the roof-top window of a three-storey house, without the use of ropes, karabiners, harnesses and wot-not, to bring you these snaps is a pretty hazardous thing to do for the sake of one’s deserate blog posts art and I only hope you appreciate my efforts.  We have a lovely, panoramic view of our town and surrounding hills from this window and although my digital camera is made for numpties like me and even has a fool-proof panoramic setting, when I set it to this panoramic setting, my photo’s look no different.  So this will do. 

 Nerves of steel I tell you!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Why must the life of a housewife be dependent on everybody and everything whereas the househusband’s is not?

    Heart is the answer. Housewives’ hearts are much, much bigger than househusbands’.

    And determination…


  2. Nice photo. Land of garages & conservatories I see. 🙂


  3. Jose, yes it does seem to fall mostly to the woman.

    Matt, would much rather have a quaint little cottage situated in a sleepy village or tucked into a hillside by a lake. I just liked the angle of the rooftops and was trying to be like a proper photographer. :blush:


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