Bliss and Appreciation

Although we do nice things for others because we want to rather than because we desire some kind of material gratification, it’s still nice when friends show their appreciation by giving gifts.  And it’s even nicer when those friends have put some thought into what they have given.  

Here is a snap of how my friends showed their appreciation for organising and hosting our reunion.  The warmest thing about it for me is that they clearly remembered me talking about a book I read called The Kite Runner . . . and that my next planned read was a book by the same author entitled A Thousand Splendid Suns because they bought me the book.  And they also remembered that my favourite late night after-party drink was a delicious delight called Amarula because they gave me a bottle of that too.  Although it could be said that perhaps some of the generosity regarding said luxurious alcoholic beverage of extremely creamy and annoyingly artery-hardening nature was formed from acute feelings of guilt due to those friends having emptied the poor defenceless bottle that I’d tried in vain to hide from them on the night of the reunion.  Not that I bear any grudges because nothing should come between good friends.  But then, good friends shouldn’t come between me and my Amarula.

Anyway, no need to tell you how I’m going to be spending the next few rainy nights.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hangovers are nasty, Earthpal. Take care. LOL


  2. Oh how cosy!

    (Seen my blog recently? or just not biting?) 😆


  3. No hangover Jose. I’m way too sensible these days. Lol.

    MissyL, hey cheeky! It looks great actually! You clearly miss your home town. 😀


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