On By-elections and Reptilian Humanoids

Interesting to hear that the Green party is to run against civil liberties martyr David Davis in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election campaign.  Green party candidate Shan Oakes will stand against him and this is very good thing indeedy.  She has a blog and her tag-line is . . . The real civil liberties candidate.

Yes, odd as it may seem, the Greens are running against Mr Davis on a civil liberties platform.  And they do have a very valid point.  Well, when one remembers that Davis supports basic liberty violations such as the 28 day detention policy, the death penalty and fewer gay rights, it’s hard to believe that he’s a sincere champion of civil liberties.  Indeed, it’s easier to conclude that he is a bleeding hypocrite.

My initial thoughts about the Davis resignation was that it was a brave and sacrificial stand against the 42 day detention ruling but me being a life-long sneering Tory-basher, it wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion that his move was probably more to do with ego-induced publicity stunts than principled stands. 

Needless to say, Shan Oakes has my wholehearted support because one thing’s for sure . . . unlike the two main parties, the Green’s really will protect our civil liberties.

And the most surprising name on the old H&H ballot box is that of David Icke. I honestly thought he’d run away to fight with the moon-bats and the stardust-fairies against some kind of manipulatory lizard army.  But no, he is still in the land of the human humans and is going to run against Davis.  Mr Icke, incidentally, used to be a member of the Green party and in his defence, I have to say, he’s written some pretty intriguing (Green party unrelated) stuff, not to mention the fact that he thinks George Bush is a reptilian humanoid.  Well who could credibly argue that George Bush is fully human?

Anyhoo, should be quite entertaining.  And they say politics is boring.


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  1. Talking of civil liberties, the free trade system we ENJOY


  2. sorry I pressed the wrong key.

    I was saying the free trade system we ENJOY is playing dirty tricks on our liberties. Governments apparently cannot impose limits to prices and it is us, the consumers, that must curb them by simply not buying, with a considerable detriment to our stomachs, clothes and other staple articles keeping continuously on the rise.

    Why hasn’t the system been corrected? After all governments are elected by us and they should defend us accordingly.


  3. By the way I’ve suddenly realised a strange face is looking at me from my avatar’s place. Who’s that alien there? A troll threatening me?


  4. you can support Shan the Green party candidate by going here


  5. Jose, you’re right of course. The capitalist system has us locked in. The only political party that I trust to make sincere and workable efforts at dealing with the gross inequalities of the “system” as well as tackling climate change/environment is the Green party.

    Derek, thanks for the link. I will visit promptly. Good luck!


  6. Jose, I’m not sure where those funny faces come from. Lol. It’s a new WordPress gimmick I think. You do look like an alien though. Hehe.


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