“Apes and gorillas are people too”

I was curiously surprised when I read that the Spanish government is to give human rights to great apes.  Of course it’s good news for the marvellous hairy beasts in that they will be given protection from experimentation and exploitation.  Of course that protection should already be in place by way of their animal rights but if giving them human rights on acount of their kinship with their human cousins assures that protection by law then I won’t argue.  And anyway, it’s not such a crazy idea if you read this article.  It’s an old article and some of it may be irrelevant now but it does explain how making apes people by law can actually help protect the rainforests and also the livelihoods of the indigenous people.

But who can fail to miss the contrary message by the Spanish government?  They talk about animal rights and want to protect the gorilla while continuing to allow their barbaric bullfighting customs. 

Animal rights.  Human rights.  What does it matter?  All species have rights – just different needs.  Shame the world can’t protect all species from human abuse.


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  1. I had no idea the Spanish government had ruled this and believe they have gone too far in likening apes to humans. At this pace, considering how we humans are treated these times, I would prefer the gorillas and apes to be kept well safe in the animal category, because if they are dealt with as governments do with us poor apes would not have many options, would they?


  2. Yes that’s a good point. They’d probably be better protected as animals because human civil liberties are being eroded as we speak.


  3. >Apes and gorillas are people too

    I know, I’ve seen your b-i-l in trunks! 😆


  4. Oh Gawd! Yes, he is soooo hairy!!

    As for the conversation . . . it’s a violation of one’s human rights to be seated next to him at a dinner party.


  5. Zzzzzzzzzzz……… 😉


  6. So do you girls not like men with hairy chests then? When did that go out? It used to be all the rage in the 70s.

    What about women? You´re a hippy EP – where do you stand on the hirsute female debate?

    By the way, I´m not convinced this story is true.


  7. Ooh Zeddie, men with hairy chests most certainly do it for me. The B.I.L is very hairy all over but he is also an utter bore when it comes to conversation! Suicidal thoughts have been known to enter many a person’s head when stuck with him in a corner at a party.

    Hirsutism . . . well women spend lot’s of money on hair removal product and I know women who are all too conscious of unwanted facial hair. I don’t have that problem (MissyL, DO NOT mention my moustache or will have to kill you) but I feel for women who suffer terribly with their body image due to excessive unwanted hair.

    As for the hidden hairy parts, I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I don’t much like the au-naturelle look so every six weeks or so, some delicate waxing has to be endured. Ouch!!


  8. Glad to hear it EP, I thought I´d missed a meeting and Burt Reynolds had gone out of style. Glad to hear fellas with hairy chests still do it for you.

    As regards hairy women – where do you stand on the armpit question? I saw a girl on a bus a year or two back who had hairy pits and I don´t mind telling you that it gave me quite a thrill. I´ve had a bit of a secret thing for it ever since, though it is unacceptable to say so.

    Funny old world.


  9. Hairy armpits hmm…? Isn’t it the French women who like to keep their armpits natural? Once I stayed on a campsite in Oban and the wash rooms were basic to say the least. One morning when I was queuing for the loo, three French filles walked in, stripped off their pj’s at the two tiny sinks and started to wash all their intimate parts without a second thought for the inhibited English ladies who were stood in the queue watching with disgust. I wasn’t disgusted. I was ogglingly fascinated. (Not sure why!!).

    The relevance of this little story being that their armpits looked like they’d never been touched by Veet.

    Of course it’s all down to personal choice and often my inner hippy wants me to abandon such vain routines but convention usually gets the better of me, such is the pressure to abide by strict beauty regimes that the glossy magazines tell me I should.


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