Bolton Abbey


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  1. I see this picture and can imagine knights and damsels of old walking about the walls. This is unmovable history, although age can wreak destruction in the long run if the buildings are not duly preserved.


  2. Jose, Bolton Abbey is a very beautiful part of the country and it’s only an hours drive away from where we live. We can walk for hours throught the woods and around the river Wharfe (the river in the picture on my header).

    The building there is called Bolton Priory and it’s a ruined Augustinine monastry which is still used for christian churches. I’m not a believer as such but every time I enter it, I feel very peaceful and calm. I think it’s the monk music that is quietly playing in the background.

    Bolton Abbey is one of our family favourites.


  3. Thank you for the explanation, Earthpal.


  4. It looks truely beautiful EP and a wonderfully taken photo too.


  5. Matty, thanks luv. Will catch up wth your blog as soon as I get the chance.

    Jose, you’re most welcome kind sir.


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