Offshore Windfarm . . .

. .  under construction. 

Rhyl Flats

It’s the second offshore windfarm to be built in Wales.  My husband is currently working on the construction of these turbines and he took these pictures today. 

Look at that sky!  Click the picture for a clearer view.


4 responses to this post.

  1. May be wind farms won’t be THE solution, but they will reduce considerably our dependence on oil and, consequently, the emission of undesirable gases into the space.

    And if dependence on oil is reduced, I bet many conflicts could also be avoided, unless the human being – stubborn that he really is – continues looking for ways to vent his frustrations.


  2. You’re right Jose. They won’t solve all our energy problems but I’m expecting they will become a dependable renewable support system. I can’t think of many places better suited to harness wind power than the British Isles. The wind energy industry will play a healthy part in helping us to wean ourselves off fossil fuels


  3. Go EP’s husband …. yah!! Great pictures tell him. Shockingly bad summer. Even thinking about a holiday abroad.


  4. Thanks Matt.

    It’s been dire hasn’t it. Very sunny and warm this morning though. Pleasant surprise. Wonder if it’ll manage to last the day.

    Have a good Sunday.


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