According to this article in today’s Independent, George Bush said his final goodbye to the G8 leaders in his usual smug style.  While preparing to leave, he called to his fellow G8 leaders and said . . . 

goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter

Some reports claim that he also punched his fist in the air whilst grinning wildly. 

Apparently his arrogant farewell shocked a few people but I’m not sure why.  It’s not the first time he has shown such unabashed adolescence on the world stage but you know, it’s hard to get riled by his immaturity these days. I just feel like sending him to bed with no supper.

Anyway, it sounds a lot like an Onion story but who cares.  The whole bloody G8 thing is farcical. Lack of commitment, deadlocks, failing the world’s poor and empty rhetoric year after year have caused the despondency to grow and once again, I find myself unable to muster up a whimper, never mind a raging rant.

This writer of this excellent analysis has done all the hard work. 

Nothing more to say.  G’night folks.


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  1. Whoever dubbed Bush buffoon hit the nail on the head.

    People in infra-developed countries keep trying the emigration option incessantly, at increasing costs of life losses, while in Europe agriculture sees itself bound by directives from the Union to reduce production.

    I am sure a method to reduce unemployment, that commences to be serious – could be cultivate large zones of basic agricultural products to be sent to, for instance, African needy areas, at the time that money should be invested in those zones to ensure that they can self-supply at minimal cost.

    But again people like Bush and his companions in the G.8 won’t move a finger if it doesn’t yield profits.

    I don’t want to be a bird of ill omen, but if things go on as they are I foresee a cataclysm worldwide in human relations.


  2. Bush has been very bad for the world. Unfortunately many American voters have allowed him the power to do their country’s damage. All the while we have had Putin in power (now his crony) doing his xenophobic strut as well. And the middle east under these two has simply lurched from crisis to crisis.

    Meanwhile China has got more & more powerful on the world stage, now the no.1 wheeler dealer in Africa.


  3. Spot on. Bush has destabalised the world so much. But if it wasn’t him, it would be some other lunatic.


  4. I’m sorry to say I’ll be absent for a week from tomorrow, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to comment on your excellent blog, Earthpal for that time.


  5. We will miss you Jose. I hope you have a fulfilling week. Thanks for your encouraging words.


  6. […] not the first time he has shown such unabashed adolescence on the world stage (Quote from : 「Sigh」) George Bush At the G-8 Summit, he joked about us being the world’s biggest polluter. The […]


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