School’s Out and Wedding Bell’s are Ringing

The kids have finished school for the Summer, it’s rained non-stop for about twenty-eight weeks so the next six weeks aren’t looking good and our holiday plans have been put on hold until October so how do you think I’m feeling right now? 

Well oddly enough, I’m feeling quite cheery and content.  Hubby bought me a new mobile phone because my lovely pink Nokia came to a violent end the other day when my friend’s two-year-old boy decided to see if it could bounce off concrete walls.  And hubby also bought me a new car because my old one died some time last year and has been running on sheer will and telekinetic energy ever since.  Next week we’re taking my beloved green citroën to a registered vehicle dismantler who will presumably dismantle it.  I’m guessing that he will remove all the use-worthy parts, depollute it in accordance with European waste legislation and perhaps squash the remaining shell into one of those squares you see on cartoons (do they actually do that?).  Well it’s been a good car and I will miss it.  But you know, all good things . . .

So anyway now I’m going to be fully mobile for the hols – in more ways than one . . . geddit?  Fully mobile?  In more ways than one?  Car?  Mobile phone?  Sigh.  I’m wasted on you lot.

And to add to my sunny mood, we’ve been invited to a wedding in September where we get to stay away in a lovely posh hotel for the weekend –  without the kids.  I love going to weddings when you’re not so involved that you get all stressy about the arrangements but involved enough to be an important guest.  The bride-to-be has asked me to read at the service which means I will not be able to relax until I’ve done it.  The reading is lovely, it’s called The Art of Marriage by Wilferd Peterson.

Did you know that if you get married in a civil ceremony, you aren’t allowed to have any religious readings whatsoever and the attending registrar has to see the readings you’ve chosen before the marriage takes place so that they can be sure that no religion slips past them?  Nope, no religious content is allowed at all, by law.  Well that’s a relief.  If I had to hear the dreary Bind us Together at one more wedding, I’m not sure I’d be able to stop myself from screaming out bind your bloody mouths together for gawd’s sake!

Anyway, cheeribye folks.  I’m off to work where no doubt my mood will blacken as the morning progresses.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I enjoy your comments, Earthpal. You never fail making me grin.

    I congratulate you on having such a good husband who cares, not everybody can say that. I hope my wife can (GRIN).

    I expect you’ll go through everything that comes your way – weddings included – sound and safe.


  2. Blessed be Jose. You make this blog worthwhile. I have no doubt at all that your wife says you are a good husband. Thank you kind sir.


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