Contract Electric Cars

It seems that Gordon Brown is coming over all credible with his green attitude.  He is “embracing the electric car revolution” and plans to encourage the car industry to mass-produce electrically powered cars, right here in the UK.  

From today’s Independent . . .

He will meet manufacturers this week to try to persuade them to mass-produce electric cars, and is considering a remarkable plan to sell the cars cheap, together with their fuel, that is modelled on mobile-phone contracts.

Hmm, so as with contract mobile phones, the idea is that you’d get a free car but would be signed up to a maximum mileage.  Well it seems feasible enough to me.  Maybe they will have a pay-as-you-go scheme too but you wouldn’t get your free car.  And also, perhaps it needs to be extended further to include vans and motor bikes (is it possible to include certain types of light aircraft or am I going beyond the realms of realistic possibility?). 

If this thing took off (and according to the article, Denmark and Israel are already ahead in this) we’d get drastically reduced co2 which, needless to say, will benefit the whole planet.  And we’d have cheaper car costs which will be a definite vote-winner.  And Britain once again gets to produce something which is definitely on the upside seeing as how our days of industry and manufacturing have been on the decline for decades.  

Well I’m liking the idea.  It sounds like an ideal solution but it won’t be without its critics.  As the article states, the electricity needed to power the vehicles will have to come from renewable energy or the whole thing might end up being counterproductive.  Also, the oil giants might try to put their squeezers on it.  And it certainly won’t solve the problem of congestion on our small and increasingly-cramped British Isle. 

But the benefits should surely outweigh those little niggles.  It’s worth supporting, I think.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, Earthpal. Back to the arena.

    My question is: would he press public transport as an example?

    On the other hand, yes, I believe this is a good initiative. Let’s hope everybody is like you, many like you, are for that initiative.


  2. Welcome back Jose. This blog has missed you.

    Yes, public transport is a very important factor in tackling congestion as well as reducing emissions.


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