My Son, the thinker

Isn’t it marvellous listening to our children as they ponder over life’s great unanswered mysteries.  Today, me and my son (who is eight years old in case you didn’t know) were sat chatting in a cafe when he told me mid-chomping on a huge sarnie, that he knew why old people got creased skin . . .

Son: I know why old people get creased skin.

Me: you do?

Son: yes, it’s because their bodies stop growing but their skin carries on growing, so because their bones have stopped growing and their skin hasn’t stopped, it goes all creased and baggy (his hands are grappling his neck to demonstrate location of said creases)

Me: Hmm, that could well be true.

Son: It is true.  I know it.

a bit later:

Son: What if there was no such thing as magic actually and God just planted seeds to make things grow. 

Me: (stuck for words but intrigued just the same).

Son: And he used his power, not magic, just power, to make humans and animals.

Me: so who do you think might have made God?

Son: (staring and pondering)

Son: Nobody made God.  He just appeared.

Son: (staring into nothing and looking thoughtful)

Me: (reluctant to interrupt his silent ponderings)

Son: Well . . . right in the oldest times, right back before there were animals and people, and there was nothing at all, maybe there was no God and no space but there were other gods like in Jason and the Argonauts but they were all dying so before they all died they made one god that would never, ever die – so they made our God.  And our God made space.  And he just planted stuff in the soil like normal but made humans with his power – not magic because there was no such thing as magic.

Me: (i wonder, is he getting to that age whereby he is starting to doubt magic but still wants to (or thinks he should) believe in God and the so-called miracle of creation?  He obviousy thinks creation is a magical event and so he is trying to compromise the two).  That is a very interesting and clever theory.

Son: What’s a theory?

[note to self: stop treating my son as though he is a mini Einstein]

Me: It’s a possible explanation for something that isn’t necessarily correct but some people believe it, some don’t and others don’t know either way.  But usually, no-one is right and no-one is wrong.

Son: Ah, well I know I’m right.

Me: Yes you probably are sweetie.

Me: (no more orange fanta for you my son)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thinking is wonderful. We should always encourage our little ones to think, that is something that will last their whole life and, further, it is free (GRIN).


  2. Absolutely Jose. He is great little ponderer.


  3. Excellent! Kidz that age are so lovely. My daughter is seven and comes out with very challenging questions! You do very well remembering these conversations to put up onto the ethernet EP.


  4. Well I did paraphrase. Lol.


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