Political satire at it’s finest

This is the best thing I’ve read all year. 

There are so many lines that I want to quote but I would end up pasting the whole article.  I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I don’t usually agree with the writer but this really is quite brilliant.


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  1. This article dismounts the paraphernalia surrounding the American elections.

    Americans have changed an ignoramus for a star and we can see how the use of cinematographic methods continues to be present everywhere in the American life.

    But reality is not often portrayed in films.

    I agree with you, Earthpal, as always uses to be the case, this is very good indeed.


  2. Yes, Jose, the media can certainly make and then break a person.

    I actually quite like Obama. Well at least I think he’s one of the best out of all the Presidential candidates that have been and gone in this campaign.

    The author of the article doesn’t like Obama but I don’t think the article itself was partisan. He spared no-one in his biting satire. I think it’s a very clever piece.


  3. The press is having a love fest here in the US. We are indeed being sold obamessiah as the end all and be all. He is the press anointed one.

    I’m not buying it. I think the little twerp is bush with a better tan.

    Bush = mccain = obama

    There is only one candidate who will fix them all, but good!

    NADER, he is simply right on all the issues


    Cheers to that otherwise whinging pome Gerard Baker for the brilliant satire. We could use a bit more biting britwit aimed at the idiots in charge here in the US. Our press is to locked in adoration…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  4. Hey ClapSo. Good to hear from you. I empathise with those who say “anybody but Bush” but it’s taking a huge risk. Now I know what he stands for, Nader would get my vote if I were an American.


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