My sister’s back garden

Coming out to play Josh?
Coming out to play Josh?
"I'm never eating beef again!"

"I'm never eating beef again!"

Not much time for blogging these days what with the weather being so nice and the kids off school and all, we’re making the most of the great outdoors. 

My sister’s house is superbly located with hills and farmland right on her back doorstep.  Her long garden stretches right up to the fields where cows and sheep graze and there have been several times when she’s opened her curtains in a morning to find a pair of huge brown bovine eyes staring in through the window.  The cows would get in through a break in the fence.  A young bullock got through one time and as much as it was a hairy experience, it was also great excitement for the kids.  The farmer has recently replaced all the fencing but the undeterred cows still get as close as possible to the fence, especially when the back lawn has been cut and the freshly cut grass has been thrown into the field.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Life in the countryside is a gift from Nature.


  2. Oh that is absolutely superb! And so unfair. I love cows. Me thinks they are natural buddists, being as chilled as they are. 😉

    What part of the country does she live?


  3. So it is Jose.

    Thanks Matty. She lives very close to us – in the North West of England. Lancashire. There are some stunning beauty spots and everywhere you go in our town, there are hills. Not good for cyclists (unless you’re a mountain bike enthusiast) but very picturesque.


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