On My Doorstep

Looking at the pictures below, you might be surprised to know that we live on a large estate full of family homes but this is what we see each time we step out of our front door.  We’re fortunate to have a piece of protected land right across from our house so although the back garden is surrounded and largely overlooked (which is good for security but bad for privacy), our front view is unspoiled and lovely.  The kids play in those little woods.  You can’t tell from the pictures but where the trees are, there is an incline which falls into a little pond.  It’s mostly dried up now and it’s also surrounded by railing but since when did a bit of rambling, bendy railing stop kids at play?  Sometimes my boy pretends it’s a crocodile-infested swamp but often he just looks for frogspawn (and protects it from some of the boys when they poke at it with sticks, bless him).  The kids have made a tree swing which hangs to the right of the picture and swings right over the swamp-pond and I can often hear their shouts echoing through the trees.  Sheep come down sometimes and in the mornings, if I Ieave my blinds open, I wake to the sight of the trees and the noise of the bleating sheep. 

It’s all pleasantly rural in a huge and noisy housing estate kind of way. 




5 responses to this post.

  1. It’s idyllic. I who live in a town full of stone and cement, must walk a couple of kilometres every day to witness a similar sight. Not so lush though.

    It’s Britain again, not very many places in the world can be proud of it.


  2. Posted by elladatort on August 5, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Coolio! I love it!!! My dream place is somewhere where I can connect with nature. You have no idea how blessed you are.



  3. Thanks guys. The good thing about the town where I live is that it’s very hilly (not good for cyclists) and almost wherever you may be, you can see hills or trees through the houses.

    Hi Elladatort, I will visit your blog promptly. 🙂


  4. My, you live in a beautiful spot.


  5. Thanks Helen. We’re lucky to be on the fringes of both a busy town life and some incredible natural beauty spots.


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