BNP Family Fun-Fest

This weekend, the British National Party are holding their annual rally in Derbyshire and it’s being dubbed by anti-BNP groups as a hate-fest.  Groups are forming to protest against the rally which the BNP, with a remarkable show of unlimited imagination, have named the Red, White and Blue (RWB) festival.   Whoopee!  Go Britannia!  They promise a family festival of fun and – get this – diversity and they describe their event as a celebration of White European Culture.  However, the BBC’s Panorama report of previous RWB events challenges this wholesome image by claiming that when the camera’s were taken down so were the masks.  Racist jokes, straight-arm salutes and SS music to name but a few examples of hate.

I detest the BNP and everything it stands for but, sadly enough, they are a legitimate party and for as long as they are doing nothing illegal, they have the right to hold their fascist rally.  Of course the Camp for Climage Change people had the right to hold their rally too but that didn’t stop the police from harrassing them from the offset and trying to smear their campaign.  And it appears that the police are intending to be just as restrictive towards the BNP protesters. 

Sure, the BNP has the right to hold its xenophobic little hate-fest, but the anti-BNP groups have as much right to protest against it, such is our democratic privilege.  This is where that old civil rights issue might rear its rather uncivil head and it remains to be seen as to whether the police will react with any sense of proportion. 

Anyway, here’s my presentation of all the fun things the BNP say you can expect to enjoy at this year’s family BNP fun-fest:

  1. Appearance by Patriotic C&W Artist Traven Tucker.  Will present songs in a cultural educational context, ie, will contain not-very-subliminal messages about patriotism and more crucially, white supremacy.
  2. Folk Song competition.  All songs must be sung in English or any other European language.  The BNP is NOT racist and loves diversity.  However, any song entries in an inferior, non-white language will be disqualified immediately.  Entries must be submitted at the *Traditional* Food Hall by 1pm Saturday.  Traditional food being salt-soaked fish ‘n’ chips, mushy peas, liver ‘n’ onion and that delicious delicacy, black pudding.
  3. Home-brewed traditional beer competition.  Nick Griffin must not be permitted to take part in the judging because a few slurps of the hard stuff might result in him marching up and down the beer tent singing Third Reich military songs.  Sure, that would be good fun and all but some stray, England-bashing reporter might twist it all out of proportion and (gasp!) accuse him of being a neo-Nazi.
  4. Children’s Drawing and Poetry Competition.  To be inspired by the RWB.  The kiddies are given the chance to demonstrate in art form what they’ve learned from their not-at-all-racist parents about those evil muslims, those dreadfulsome Jews and those horrid black crime-lord gangs.
  5. Wide range of stalls selling Excalibur merchandise.  A chance to buy your swastika’s and other beloved Nazi memorabillia here.  Also available will be DVD’s and CD’s produced by the Great White Records label.
  6. Smoking bar.  Brave and rebellious challenge to the illiberal smoking ban.  In this room, you will also be able to purchase unhealthy snacks such as Mars bars, crisps and (gasp!) pork scratchings. And also available will be seafood sold by nubile young serving wenches lassies – because the BNP laughs in the face of political correctness.  Whoopy-doo.

 Oh, and there will be good old traditional Engish Morris Dancing – enough to make you weep.


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  1. Earthie,
    the BNP do not scare me, they are not the problem.
    They are atleast honest about their hatred and prejudices.

    For every 1 BNP, there will be 10 or more who will swear they are not prejudiced, but have the same hatred in their minds.

    They will declare they have nothing against coloured people as long as they are not
    on their street,
    in their neighbourhood,
    in their children’s schools,
    in their workplace, in their villages, towns.
    Never in their family.

    The “not in my backyard” people.
    These are the people I am scared of.

    Because of them, Britain will never be clean of racism.
    The political voice of BNP gets stronger because of these latent racists.
    Fighting the BNP can achieve nothing.


  2. Hi Little Indian. Lovely to hear from you sweetie.

    Yes, you are right not to fear them. And I take a deep inward sigh every time I hear a person start a comment with . . . I’m definitely not racist but . . .

    Yes, the Not in my Backyard’ers are inherently racist but I feel strongly that the right wing newspapers and their constant stream of paranoid rants about poor white people oppressed in their own country and those “bad immigrants” etc. (there’s one in the Mail today) does have a big impact on their readers and are actually making more people racist. People have become more racist. You could argue that the racist tendency must already exit in them but too many people are gullible and unable to think for themselves.

    And which political party is there, waiting with a sly grin, to gather them all up?

    The BNP modernisers have dressed up their act and unfortunately it’s fooling a creepingly high number of people who, as I said, are being taken in by those hysterical headlines and are turning to the BNP. As are many disillusioned and angry working class citizens.

    The BNP has tried to change its spots. It’s tried to distance itself from it’s embarassing fascist roots and it’s ethos of hate and bigotry. It has put on a credible public face and to a certain extent it’s worked, so although people like you and me can think wider, there are many who are tempted by their spin and are turning to them for what they perceive as a way out.

    Threfore, although I don’t think we should fear them, we should certainly be keeping a mindful eye on them. And we should continue to get the word out that they are NOT the solution to our problems.

    It’s starts with our children. Bringing our children up in an environment that recognises different skin colour as a diverse but natural part of our society is part of the answer – making it a normal part of their nature to look for and recognise the person, not the skin colour or the religion or the culture or the wealth. That and non-divisive policies of tolerance and equal opportunity.

    Would be a good start.


  3. I take your point earthie, when you say “we should certainly be keeping a mindful eye on them”.

    The main reason why BNP and similar parties are gaining popularity is because the main three parties have forgotten the politics of ideology and plays the politics of winning elections. They are the one’s who refuses to keep their eyes on this danger.

    Yes, the Not in my Backyard’ers are inherently racist but I feel strongly that the right wing newspapers and their constant stream of paranoid rants about poor white people oppressed in their own country and those “bad immigrants” etc.

    This is a two way process.

    A prejudice is not necessarily a result of paranoia.
    Where as that paranoia is stoked up only by those with prejudices.

    Those with hidden prejudices are a majority in the country.
    Its only those who explicitly expresses it that are a minority.
    As yet.

    The right wing press/media/parties know the prejudice exists in the majority. They are just giving them a platform to express their prejudices cloaked with ‘respectability’.

    The rightwing is not gaining popularity, its the racism ‘coming out’. It has always been there.

    What would happen if BNP and or similar groups came to power? I do not think even half of ‘white’ Britain realises the implications.

    You may have read the book ‘to sir with love’ – the same author had also written a not known ‘reluctant neighbours’. Nothing has changed since his observations in the 60s.


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  5. Posted by ders on August 12, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    WE’D ALL GOT USED TO IT. The delighted face of a TV news reader (usually female) at the end of August Bank Holiday, coming on the screen and telling us, with an air of joy and triumph, what a happy, harmonious and successful event the Notting Hill Carnival had been. There were the usual shots of grinning policemen dancing with black women, the usual reports that there had been “very little trouble.” It often seemed as if the presentation of this particular news had been carefully rehearsed. One could just imagine the producer beforehand: “No, Fiona, you must look happier – a really big smile! And your voice must sound as if it’s conveying wonderful news. Another take – that’s better!”

    The mass media’s reporting of the Carnival has, for years, been one of their major propaganda projects, all carefully orchestrated so as to convey to us peasants the message of what a perfect festival of fun and pleasure this is, and how it demonstrates the great benefits to Britain of the multi-racial society.

    But this year – at long last – the truth came out. Glen Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, spilled the beans. In a statement on Radio 4 at the end of the Carnival, he said:-

    ‘In my experience, the level of reported crime is far below that which really happens, and the whole process is down-played for political reasons.

    ‘Police are actively discouraged from making arrests by senior officers for fear of sparking a riot situation, and I have seen serious criminal offences taking place while we are powerless to act… There is a significant criminal minority who exploit it in the full knowledge that the police will tread extremely lightly… The record of the Carnival is pretty appalling.’

    This, of course, was just what the police top brass, the news media and the political establishment did not want to hear. It came out because Police Federation leaders are men chosen by their colleagues from the ranks and are selected because they have the respect of ordinary coppers – as distinct from chief commissioners and constables, who are almost invariably political appointees, promoted because they are willing tools of the liberal establishment.

    With the cat now out of the bag, the press was seized by a rare fit of honesty. Even the Sunday Times showed itself prepared to speak openly. Behind all the revelry, its reporter acknowledged, drugs were doing a roaring trade:-

    ‘There was no pretence about it, no attempt at disguise. Even if the police, chatting in shirtsleeves just 150 yards away, had been able to see them there was no chance of arrest.’

    The Standard reporters went on to describe another – yet more horrifying – occurrence. Speaking of a young Asian, Abdul Bhatti, heading home after visiting the Carnival, they related:-

    ‘A gang of youths was “steaming” the street. As many as 50 young men sprinted down the road together, punching, slashing and stealing before their victims knew what had happened. They snatched a gold chain from Bhatti’s cousin, knocking him to the ground. Then they turned on Bhatti, punching, gouging and stamping as he fell.

    ‘Seconds later they were gone. Bhatti managed to get to his feet and stagger a few yards, then collapsed. He died later of brain stem injuries.’

    Ironically; the two murders taking place at the Carnival this year were both of ethnic-minority victims – the other one being of Greg Watson, a young Black, who was stabbed during an argument with some other Blacks. These were just the tips of an iceberg of crime and violence that has become commonplace while police are seemingly impotent to do anything about it. The Standard report continued: –

    ‘For the Metropolitan Police, the annual festival represents more than a policing challenge. With the ghost of Stephen Lawrence – the black teenager murdered by a gang of young white men who have never been convicted – seemingly stalking every decision made by senior officers, the celebration of the best of West Indian culture looms menacingly over Scotland Yard each summer.’

    Then speaking of the anger of ordinary police officers at the softly-softly policy adopted by their superiors, the report went on to say:-

    ‘Officers hate policing Notting Hill. They don’t like walking past drug-smoking or other incidents. They can see thefts of purses and handbags but know they can never get into that crowd, arrest that person and get out again safely. They feel vulnerable. It would take next to nothing for an officer to be stabbed or shot.’

    Yes, shot! The Mail on Sunday was another paper highlighting the orgy of crime at the Carnival. Its reporter described one scene thus:-

    ‘There was no mistake: the man was holding a gun. The thump of the music was so loud it seemed to vibrate the kidneys, the air was thick with pungent smells and the crowd was boiling with excitement and alcohol. But as the policeman looked up at scaffolding at the edge of the crowd, he saw two figures clambering upwards. And one of them had a gun.’

    The Mail on Sunday then described how this was spotted by a constable. What followed was amazing:-

    ‘The police officer decided to act quickly. He told his superintendent he was going to move in and search the man on the scaffolding. He was going to need back-up.

    ‘To his astonishment, the senior officer forbade him. In the middle of this excitable crowd such a move would be ” too dangerous.” It might spark a riot.

    ‘Bravely, the constable stood his ground. He disobeyed the order and searched the suspect but the gun was gone, presumably passed to the other man, who had melted into the throng.

    ‘This extraordinary incident was just one example of the new “softly-softly” strategy dictated for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival by Scotland Yard’s politically correct policy advisers still paranoid over the charge of institutional racism levelled against them in the wake of the Stephen Lawrence debacle.’

    This was just one of many incidents where the police completely abdicated their responsibility to uphold the law. In another, a man making a home video caught a scene where rival gangs of Blacks were brawling. One shot showed two wielding knives. The area where this happened was just one of many where there was no police presence whatever. Though police photo technologymakes possible blow-ups which should easily enable the men to be identified, it is very unlikely that they will ever be brought to book.

    The damning exposures of what happened at the Notting Hill Carnival, beginning with the forthright denunciations of Mr Smyth, opened a veritable Pandora’s box on which the lid has been kept down for many years. Even the ultra-liberal The Independent newspaper, found this too much. In a leader on the 1st September it said: “If that level of violence had occurred at any other big public event, the outcry would have closed it down years ago.”

    Family fun-fest ?


  6. Posted by ders on August 12, 2008 at 8:48 pm A bit more love from the religion of peace.


  7. Posted by ders on August 12, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    bury head in sand. Definition: refuse to see or face something keep from seeing or knowing something unpleasant; to ignore a difficult situation

    Explanation: Used when talking about difficult situations which are not taken seriously enough by someone

    Examples: He always buries his head in the sand and never wants to deal with his family problems at all. – You’re going to have to deal with this problem, not burn your head in the sand!


  8. Little Indian, If those YouTubes aren’t racist propaganda, I don’t know what is. I fully accept what you say, Little Indian. The prejudices have to exist in the first place, however suppressed they might be. You are wise, as ever. I have read To Sir With Love. A superb and inspiring book but no, I haven’t read the other book you mention by the same author. I will look out for it.

    Hi Ders, thanks for your, erm . . . many contributions. As you can probably guess, I reject most of what you say – and in fact you’ve confirmed everything I’ve said in my post. For a start, you quote from the Mail which is uber-right-wing, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and it has a very neo-fascist history. The Mail, the Express and the Telegraph abuse the statistics and they pick up on every little issue concerning immigrants and Muslims and they report them in a most hyperbolic way.

    As for your Youtube links regarding racial crime etc., they are grossly biased and selective. We can all find a Youtubey or an article that will support our own ideology, many of which would credibly dispute your own Daily Mail claims. The Telegraph and Mail immigrant crime reporting is almost always fudged and anyone capable of thinking for themselves will challenge them or will at least look deeper before getting shriekingly hysterical.

    If the police disproportionately target immigrants/asylum seekers when investigating crimes they are more likely to get convictions on them, aren’t they. And if police officers stop-and-search 80% blacks then they are going to catch more black criminals than white ones, aren’t they.

    Racism is racism, whether it is black-on-white, white-on-black, Muslim-on-Christian, inter-racial or whatever, but proportionately, blacks and Asians are still more likely to become victims of race attacks and the majority of victim’s of racist violence and racial harassment in the UK are of Pakistani origin.

    Regarding the Notting Hill carnival, I’m not denying that crime is growing within the black communities but we should also not “bury our heads in the sand” towards the facts – the poverty and deep feelings of disenchantment and resentment due to inequalities and yes, hostility towards them. I also accept that young white working class males are also feeling alienated but why are the ethnics to blame? Of course, these youngsters problems should be addressed but divisive scaremongering and racial incitement will only make their problems worse. Policies and projects are needed to get ALL these youngsters out of the poverty trap and out of the perpetual cycle of aimlessness or hopelessness.

    BNP propaganda has helped to create and deepen hostilities between the cultures. It’s no wonder the minorities retreat into their own communities and fail to interact. And it really shouldn’t surprise you that the younger ethnics become defensive!

    When are you guys and the Daily hate Mail going to stop targeting everyone who doesn’t have blonde hair and pretty blue eyes? When are you going to stop blaming all our social problems on the immigrants? Why don’t you stop scapegoating the minorities and try looking inward?

    And thanks for the Magic Roundabout flashback. Lol. Not quite worked out the relevance yet but I’m sure it’s something a bit sarcastic. 😀


  9. Posted by flipside on August 13, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Thanks for the reply, just one question,if you love multiculturalism so much and feel that the country has been so enriched, why don’t you move your family to a part of a city or a town like luton to enjoy the enrichment,there’s a flat above me here in luton,come on down, let your children become enriched.?? Billy Bragg tells us how lucky we are then moves back to Dorset,hypocrit.Anyway the Magic Roundabout flashback, i was being sarcastic but nice sarcastic,well nice for a racist white working class thug. see ya.


  10. Posted by flipside on August 13, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    sorry about the change in name,i’m on my mates laptop. ders.


  11. Posted by ders on August 14, 2008 at 3:13 am

    They will declare they have nothing against coloured people as long as they are not
    on their street,
    in their neighbourhood,
    in their children’s schools,
    in their workplace, in their villages, towns.
    Never in their family.

    The “not in my backyard” people.
    These are the people I am scared of.

    sounds like your typical liberarl lefty from the edge of town or the countryside if they were honest with themselves and everyone around them,do what i say not what i do. Never honest the liberal left, scared of themselves and what people might think. Never in the mix, never on the front line, always on the outside with their “great” ideas, never send their children to war but scream someone must do something for them poor people, maybe its them that should be looking inward?


  12. Hi Ders,

    I do enjoy an enriched and diverse community. I live in a town that has a very high Asian/ethnic population and I have many very good friends from those communtities.

    Blly Bragg was asked the question . . . “Why are you living in a big house in Devon and not in the middle of the multi-cultural utopia that you so love?”

    His answer was . . . “It’s Dorset actually. This is a question that I get asked all the time, an evolution from that old chestnut from the 20th century – ‘If you like socialism so much, why don’t you go and live in Russia’. I take it as a sign that the contributor has nothing to say on the topic in question.”


    Personally, I don’t know why Billy Bragg went off to live in Dorset but I know I’d love to move to a little coastal village set in a county steeped in history. It would have nothing to do with wanting to flee from diversity.

    As for the liberal left, I’m sure there are hypocrites among us. There are hypocrites in everywhere. But many of the liberal left are there in the frontline, placing themselves in dangerous situations to fight against global injustices. It’s usually the hard right who send other people’s kids to die in illegal wars! Although I am aware that the BNP were against the Iraq war specifically but not quite for the same reasons as the lib/left.

    I value your contribution to the discussion Ders. Thanks. It’s good to talk about these issues. We can learn from each other.


  13. Posted by ders on August 16, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Number of BNP members arrested at the “hate-fest”=0 Number of hope not hate loons arrested =33. I think both sides hope for what the other hates and hates what the other hopes for. Let the people make their choice through voting, if the politics of the left are so strong why do they need to protest and smash? I think the anti-fascists are more fascist than the very people they want to smash,the people they call fascists, i also think they do more to help the BNP than they do to stop the BNP,but thats fine.


  14. Posted by ders on August 16, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    People will oppose your arguments if they know them to be false.
    But they will only ever use violence if they know them to be true.


  15. Hi Ders.

    Protest and smash? Well protesting is a democratic right and if it weren’t for past protests, there would never have been any reforms for the betterment of civility. I only believe in peaceful protesting and would not agree with smashing things up.

    But you can hardly say the anti-BNP protest had much “smash” in it. There was a bit of an outbreak at one point outside the festival and as the police said . .. a small number of people who were not part of the main group seemed intent on causing problems.

    Hardly a smash-up.

    I agree that people should make their choices with their vote. Like I said in my post, the BNP are a legitimate political party and have every right to hold their festival. But so too did the anti-BNP have the right to protest. We should never allow the powers-that-be take away the people’s right to protest. Never, never.


  16. “People will oppose your arguments if they know them to be false. But they will only ever use violence if they know them to be true.”

    People scared of the truth will also use lies and false propaganda. The BNP have used many lies and they also have a very violent recent history. Combat 18 ring any bells? The BNP also used aggressive behaviour and violence right after the July terrorist bombings – one young BNP female member punched a middle-aged woman councellor in the breast, to name one incident.


  17. Posted by ders on August 17, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Thats right, we should never,never take away peoples right to protest, do you think People would get away with protesting against the violent drug fest, the Notting Hill carnival? or would that be racist? what about this lot.

    1. Watford Asian Community care

    2. Watford African Caribbean Association

    3. National Black Police Association

    4. Metropolitan Black Police Association

    5. Black Londoners Forum

    6. Black Information Link (BLINK)

    7. Operation Black Vote

    8. Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO)

    9. Black Training Enterprise Group

    10. Southwark Black Heritage Organisation

    11. The Action Group for Irish Youth

    12. Asians In Media (AIM)

    13. Barfi Culture (Asians)

    14. Black Britain

    15. Black Enterprise

    16. Black net Community

    17. The Black Presence In Britain

    18. Black Search

    19. Black UK Online

    20. Board Of Deputies of British Jews

    21. Chinatown Online

    22. Clickwalla (Asian)

    23. Dimsum (Chinese)

    24. Doncaster Chinese

    25. CEMVO

    26. Every Generation (Black)

    27. Jewish.Co.UK

    28. Jewish Telegraph

    29. MMLondon (Asian)

    30. Red Hot Curry (Asian)

    31. National Association of Nigerian Communities – UK (NANC)

    32. Barnsley Black and Ethic Minority Initiative

    Have you noticed how the media NEVER calls any of these organisations “racist” even though they are openly organised along ethnic lines and stand for the rights of their respective communities? This double standard and political correctness is what makes people angry,this and the EU,mass immigration,appeasment of Islam,loss of identity and many more things the BNP will stop,you say the BNP is not the answer , well maybe we are asking different questions. More and more people like me, people who didn’t vote and just got on with life have had enough, you say i shouldn’t blame the immigrants, well many people,like me, in construction have had their wages dropped and lost work over the last few years and there is only one reason for that, you talk about lies and propaganda and thats only coming from one direction,the left. I think you’ll find my number are growing, the BNP were never really mentioned,but even in small towns and villages around here they have good support,a friend says its the same up in Leicestershire.The mainstream parties need a kick in the arse and i think they’ll get one. Mass immigration was done for greed and lie and the world is not spiritually aware enough for it,i think we face problems……….


  18. Well I can’t speak for all the groups you list but generally speaking, the media doesn’t call them racist groups simply because because they’re not racist. They don’t promote racist policies and they don’t incite hatred against people of different ethnicities. They have just felt the need to form support groups because of the prejudices and inequalities they have experienced against themselves.

    If a protest group wanted to protest against them because they considered them to be a racist organisation, then they would be free to do so. But they would have to convince people of any exisiting racism before they could have any kind of credibility.

    People protest against the BNP because there is no doubt whatsoever that they are racist. One only needs to read their manifesto.

    I’m sorry to hear your work woes. It’s a big worry and I wish you luck. The construction industry has been found to routinely exploit migrant workers and break employment laws. That’s not the fault of the immigrant. Anti-immigrationists play down the economic benefits of immigration and highlight the negative impacts. I know that’s no comfort to you if your wages have been slashed but maybe you’re looking at the wrong people to blame. Maybe you should be getting your unions involved to tackle your unscrupulous bosses . . and the capitalist system. Capitalism keeps the working classes down, keeps them in low wages. Excellent article here. It’s worth reading in its entirety.

    Immigration is beneficial to the country. The island is small and over-populated so there’s a very real question of size and environmental impact. But people also migrate out of the country. The island is also one of the richest countries in the world and we can certainly afford to give aid to genuine asylum seekers, especially when they are fleeing from countries that we have helped to destroy.


  19. Posted by ders on August 18, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Hello earthpal,i don’t think we will ever see eye 2 eye on immigration etc etc but i do think my number are growing as yours is srinking,is that good? time will tell. I wont bother you any more but thanks for your time, we both see the world through different eyes but there may be loads we agree on, anyway, cheers. ders.


  20. Ok ders. But it’s been no bother. I’m glad to have discussed things with you. You’ve been very courteous. The best of luck with your job etc..

    You will always be welcome to comment here.


  21. I cannot wait for the day a party like BNP comes to power and are able to repatriate ALL immigrants.
    Britain really deserves such a state.


  22. Posted by ders on August 19, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    On current demographic trends, we, the native British people, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within sixty years. To ensure that this does not happen, and that the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question. We will abolish the ‘positive discrimination’ schemes that have made white Britons second-class citizens. We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries. I have no problems with the deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants,i have no problem with giving immigrants the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin,if thats what they wanted, i have a massive problem with becoming an ethnic minority i my own country and i would have a massive problem with the forced repatriation of every day law-abiding people. I want to see a stop to any further immigration,i want out of illegal wars,i want out of the EU, i’ll go for some sort of unity but not union,i want a stop to political correctness and i want to be able to talk about my doubts and fears without somone screaming racist.


  23. I don’t like positive discrimination either because discrimination is just that, discrimination. But I believe in giving everyone a level playing field and if that means investing in groups on the margins and providing incentives for ethnics so that there is fair representation all round then so be it. Ethnic groups don’t come forward because of fear of racism and hostility.

    As for asylum seekers seeking refuge the UK when the could find it closer to home, well two things: people traffickers lure many of them in and secondly, why the hell would a fleeing family risk life and limb travelling across several lands, if it were possible to get refuge sooner?

    Furthermore, will Brits be stopped from moving overseas?And where is the BNP going to get the money for all this repatriation and the generous financial incentives? There will be a huge tax revenue loss without the ecomomic contribution that the immigrants make. And who will they get to do the jobs that are currently being done by the immigrants or those actually born here but with different coloured skin? The mundane jobs that nobody desires? And also the skillled jobs . . . doctors, nurses? Do you really believe those jobs will be filled straight away by white nationlists? There won’t be enough people to look after the elderly and the sick. The country would grind to a halt. So would the economy.

    BNP original policy was forced repatriation. They only changed it to a voluntary scheme after their poor 1997 results. Do you think they can be trusted not to change it back to a forced policy if they ever gained power? And even if they did keep it voluntary, what about the immigrants who don’t “volunteer” to return to their country of origin? The BNP policy is to treat them as second-class citizens. Apartheid all over again. What a great country that would be to live in huh? The rest of the world would alienate us. The BNP race and repatriation polices are not only hateful, they’re totally unworkable.

    I’ve read the BNP and the Stormfront forums. The members expose the true motives of the BNP there.


  24. Posted by ders on August 20, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    On current demographic trends, we, the native British people, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within sixty years,are you ok with this? I think many white people feel like second-class citizens in their own country,they just can’t play the race card and we have a form of apartheid,white-flight and ethnic gettos. I see Islam becoming even more of a threat as their number grow. I think everytime we hand each other the kaleidoscope of life back,its already moved and we both see something different. Does that make sense??


  25. Unconceivable! Something that should deserve our despise has had more exchanges than any other post in this blog.

    Protests and demos and comments on the BNP and people of its ilk will do nothing but promote them.

    Ignore them is what we must do in my opinion, well not exactly ignore them, just be aware of what they do but never shout against them. Feign that we ignore them.


  26. Posted by ders on August 20, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    You ignore all you want, there is one party and one party only listening and speaking for the………ignored.


  27. Ders, #28: economic migration has being going on since humans appeared on the planet. The British white population might well be declining but I think it will take a lot longer than that for whites to be a minority in this country. I think the figures refer to individual cities/regions not the country as a whole but yes, so white Brits are having less kids. I don’t have a problem with ethnic diversity when it’s been reached by peaceful means and race relations are good.

    Who are these native Brits anyway? How do we qualify as a true indigenous Brit? I had an Irish paternal great-grandmother and an Austrian Jewish great-grandmother. What country would you send me back to? What about mixed race kids?

    Which one of us is native to this island ders?


  28. Jose, thanks for your input.

    At least ders and the BNP Chronicle guy are holding a grown-up discussion with me and are challenging my views sensibly. I respect that. I’ve taken part in debates about the BNP on other forums whereby the members have been abusive and immature towards me which makes it impossible to have a proper debate.


  29. I wonder where really the human race started. If we consider how easily intermingling can alter genes and produce a new specimen depending on the equilibrium each partner has contributed to the formation of the new living being.

    Couldn’t it be that everything started with what we call the black race, migrations to the north producing new pigments having much to do with the environment?.

    If Science established that this is how it all came to be, then would bigotry end once and for ever?

    And I don’t think I am very far from what it could have been.


  30. Posted by ders on August 21, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Ders, #28: economic migration has being going on since humans appeared on the planet. Yes but not at the rate it has in the past ten years. I had an Irish paternal great-grandmother and an Austrian Jewish great-grandmother. What country would you send me back to? None, you’re a nice person,(likes a drink but carefull with the money, never buys a round,joke) like i said i have a massive problem with becoming an ethnic minority my own country,or town, and i would have a massive problem with the forced repatriation of every day law-abiding people. Who are these native Brits anyway? How do we qualify as a true indigenous Brit? you wouldn’t know, native Brits just know,(Grans fault). Its about immigration,even older immigrants say its gone to far. Its time to take stock,stop immigration and sort out Zanu-Liebours mess. I wouldn’t mind one bit if all the muslims went to a place where they were more happy,instead of hating our country and try to change it, England,love it or leave it.


  31. Posted by ders on August 21, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Well earthpal you have final say and next time i drop in we can talk about something else,like, the best way to keep chickins in a 2 bedroom flat or how to knit yogurt, thank god (what ever god is man) for that i hear the green people cry. peace, red,white and blue peace,naturally. ders.


  32. Lol. Love it ders. Maybe I will teach you how to knit yogurt one day. That would shock you huh! 😉

    And yeah, I think between us, we’ve just about exhausted this topic.

    Peace to you too ders. . . green peace of course (or Greenpeace).

    Best regards.


  33. Posted by Thomas on August 25, 2008 at 11:12 am

    We Need The BNP To Get This Country Back On Its Feet And Rid This Country Of Pc Brigade.
    Then The Leftys Who Have Ruined This Country,Its Said You Hate The BNP,Well Get This I Hate What You Stand For At
    Least The BNP Stand Up For The Indigenous White People Of This Country,Ive Seen Enough I Want My Country Back.


  34. Why just repatriate out the non-whites?
    Why not bring back every single ‘white person’ of british origin
    America – return the land to the native americans the right ful owners
    Australia – let the aboriginals free trace their along their songlines
    South Africa and everywhere the British have settled as immigrants

    It will be fair only if bilateral


  35. Posted by ders on August 31, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    I think you’ll find the first settlers in the land now called America were European (flintstone) . The numbers of WHITE BRITISH, not Irish,not European, white British immigrants is what? Facts littleindian tell us the facts about white British immigration,Asian immigration etc, show us the numbers. It will be fair only if bilateral.


  36. What was the American Revolution about again?


  37. Posted by ders on August 31, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Stamps,tax,tea,glass and power mad loons, right, back to immigration figures,2008.


  38. Why exactly were they fighting against the British? I think it had something to do with them being British colonies. It’s interesting that you’ve ignored Australia and South Africa. I’m interested in these countries too.


  39. Posted by ders on August 31, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    When the White explorations of Africa, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, India, China and Japan, are reviewed by most historians, very often the most important factor which gave rise to this era is deliberately ignored: the staggering disparity in technology between the White explorers and the native peoples is the only reason why it was the Whites who explored and colonized the rest of the world, and not the other way round. Hundreds of years ago. I didn’t, mention space either,anyway mass immigration is bad for this country,bottom line. Sorry earthpal but they wouldn’t let it lie.


  40. I feel bad for you if you believe the rhetoric in that film. Violent crime was a rarity and people had a common purpose? Oh yes, the past was worth a wonderful golden age full of universal idealism…


    And a slideshow of nonsequiturs… nice. “Liberal Democrats winning here?” Ooh, send ’em back.

    Noticed you never answered Earthpal’s “immigration is dropping” comment, either.


  41. Posted by ders on August 31, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Don’t feel bad for me Rodney, maybe you should spend some time talking to our OAP’S about the past.Immigration is dropping? My lying eyes,i should have more trust in the BBC.


  42. Posted by ders on August 31, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    Fewer than two-thirds of babies born in England and Wales are now registered as ‘White British’. Newly-released figures give the first official breakdown of births by ethnic identity, and offer a striking insight into the changing face of Britain’s population.

    Of 649,371 babies born in 2005, 64.4% were recorded as ‘White British’. The next largest group were the 8.7% who were recorded as Asian — of whom Pakistanis formed the biggest section with 3.7%.

    Five percent of babies were recorded as black: 3% African, 1.2% ‘black or black British Caribbean’ and 0.8% ‘other black’ identities.

    Mixed race babies accounted for 3.5% of births, while 5.1% were Irish or ‘other white identities’ and 2.4% were Chinese or ‘other groups’. Just under 11% had no ethnic identity recorded.

    The report from the Office for National Statistics follows a separate publication last week showing that a quarter of all babies are now born to immigrant mothers.

    In London the figure is 54%, rising to 75% in some boroughs. The fast-moving trend means that babies born to immigrant mothers are set to become the main driver of Britain’s population growth within the next few years, taking over from immigration itself.

    The proportion of births registered by single mothers — those where no father’s details are given — was highest in the Caribbean group at 20.5% followed by African (13%) and ‘White British’ (7%).

    The findings will reinforce concerns over the effects of broken homes and the lack of effective male role-models among black youths.

    Former Labour MP and Minister Tony Benn hailed the figures as “a delightful snapshot of life in multicultural Britain.”

    Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank said: “This is a measure of the extent to which uncontrolled immigration is changing the nature of our society, against the wishes of a very large majority. Immigration is now expected to account for 70 percent of our population increase in the next 25 years. This means we will have to build a city the size of Birmingham every three or four years to sustain the newcomers. The Government has allowed immigration to get out of control, but they still show no sign of a serious effort to reduce it.”


  43. Ders, we’re going round in circles here don’t you think?

    People will always migrate, pack up, move on in search of new lives, fresh starts, adventures etc..

    What sort of government stops the young people of Europe and beyond from travelling around the world to find work and learn about different cultures? How can we stop people from moving around, settling, forming inter-relationships? They don’t all settle anyway. Many get home-sick and return home. Some just come temporarily – for the experience.

    What a boring place it would be if the BNP gained power and stopped us all from roaming just because of deep-seated ethnic resentments, misunderstanding and intolerance.

    In a world full of pain and conflicts, we should embrace the exchanging of skills, experience, talents, education and cultures.

    At least insofar as it doesn’t conflict with the environment.


  44. Posted by ders on September 4, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Mass immigration helps the environment how? We’ll have a greener Britain under the BNP. This means we will have to build a city the size of Birmingham every three or four years to sustain the newcomers. The Government has allowed immigration to get out of control, but they still show no sign of a serious effort to reduce it.”


  45. You’ve misunderstood me ders. I said immigration should be be embraced insofar as it doesn’t conflict with the environment. But actually, there is no evidence (or at least insufficient evidence) that immigration has any impact on the environment.

    The anti-immigrationists, not least the BNP, are continually trying to get the environmentalists on their campaign. I’ve heard the BNP’s green hysteria – the British countryside is vanquishing beneath a tidal wave of concrete etc.. And I’ve read their Green pledges and frankly, I don’t trust them. Just like the Tories have done many times, the BNP has jumped on the green opportunity train and is now coming out with the same meaningless green rhetoric that the Tories spout.

    In any case, I’d rather put my trust in a political party that will commit to eco-issues by ethical means, not by mass ethnic-cleansing.


  46. Posted by ders on September 4, 2008 at 3:29 pm . Green = Red. The only mass ethnic-cleansing going on is that of the White British. Luton. Leicester. Birmingham. East London etc. Is this ethical? NO.


  47. God how I hate ignorant people … no matter what their colour. But I do like chocolate … of the high cocoa variety. Buzz, buzz, beep, beep, hasn’t this been a conversation and a half. I’m off to bed. Night EP. 🙂


  48. Sweet dreams Matt. Will catch up with you tomorrow. 🙂


  49. Posted by ders on September 5, 2008 at 11:21 am

    The only mass ethnic-cleansing going on is that of the White British. Luton. Leicester. Birmingham. East London etc. Is this ethical?


  50. Hi ders. There’s a world of difference between being forced out and choosing to leave because you’re scared of a few coloureds and ethnics.

    Like I said, we are going round in circles.


  51. Posted by ders on September 7, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Hello earthpal, like i said we will never see eye to eye on this issue. but i have got my number 12 knitting needles ready.ders


  52. Lol. Ok then . . . let’s go knit some yoghurt. 😉


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