Eco-Coop Project

Do you fancy having a go at keeping your own chickens but don’t want to commit for fear that it will prove too much by way of messy gardens, protesting neighbours and such-like?  Well Rentachook is an established company that allows you to rent their chickens for six weeks after paying them a deposit and then, if it’s not for you, you get to return said chickens, unharmed, to their owner and your deposit is returned to you.  A try-before-you-buy scheme.   

Rentachook will provide you with two hens, a chicken coop, a feeder and waterer, food and straw.  After the six-week trial you choose whether to keep your feathered organic egg-layers or return them to the farm frome whence they came.

And what’s more, with the coops being made out of recycled material and the feed being organic, it all adds up to a most ethical and environmentally-friendly project.  And the kids can learn all about keeping livestock and self-sustainability.  And they get to eat freshly-laid free-range eggs every morning. 

There are rules and regulations to abide by and I would have to be sure there would be no distress caused to the animals themselves but other than that I think it’s a great concept.  The only catch is . . . it’s in Australia! 

But what’s to stop an enthusiastic farmer from setting up a similar enterprise here in Britain? Are you reading this, all you kindly UK keepers of hens?


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