Renewable Torture

The US military, on account of the rise in oil prices, wants to dramatically increase its use of renewable energy.

Of course at face value this is a good thing but it’s conflicting for some of us because the military uses energy to develop, maintain and ultimately use soldiers and weapons that kill people. 

While the military marches on a greener path in which “every soldier is a steward of the environment”  Alan Shaffer: retired Air Force officer

I mean that’s all very well and all but when those soldiers are sent off to kill people it kind of misses the mark a bit.  And it’s all well and good that they are going to use clean energy to feed and house their military personnel but those firearms that they use can never be clean and green can they?  And those lives can never be recovered.

There’s a grim and not-very-funny irony about statements claiming to help save the planet by using renewable energy to maintain their bases and develop their weaponry and then going into countries and using said weapons to blast everyone and everything to dust. 

Massive loss of life.  Humongous emissions from dirty bombs.  Even more emissions when rebuilding country and treating injured.  Not rocket science really, is it.

But, alas and alack, the military is going to do it anyway, with or without clean energy, so maybe we will just have to grimace-and-bear-it on this one.

I also found out while reading the article that Guantanamo Bay US naval base has it’s very own wind turbines that provides a quarter of its energy needs in the windy months.  What would be good though is if the main focus for these wind turbines was things like homes, hospitals and schools rather than military bases.  Although it has to be said that in spite of their prior apathy towards climate change, the US is leading the world in wind energy growth.  I’m sure I’d be forgiven for thinking that the Greening of George Bush is a lot less to do with climate responsibility and a lot more to do with trying to salvage some of his receding popularity. 

Anyway, more importantly, the detainees at Camp Torture can relax in the knowledge that their torment is being provided by clean, green energy.  But to quote one of the commenter’s of the article . . . imagine how much energy could be saved if they shut the bay down altogether?”


2 responses to this post.

  1. The problem with the military is that what they save on energy they waste on weaponry, and I don’t know which will pollute the most.


  2. Absolutely. The war machine can never be clean.


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