Cursing the Gods

I took two weeks off work to spend some time with the kids and do some fun outdoor stuff . . . picnics, parks, walks in the Lake district, that sort of thing.  But most days it has rained and rained.  Deceptively so.  We wake up to a glorious morning so we pack up a picnic and go off for the day.  Two minutes after we’ve settled down somewhere, the black clouds find us.  They taunt us for a bit then they let rip.  I’ve never been one to let the rain prevent us from doing outdoor stuff (which is significant coming from someone whose hair turns into a mass of curls at the first sign of vapour).  I’ve always told my kids that if we wait for the rain to stop in this country, we’ll wait forever.  But we all have our limits and I’ve reached the totally psst off point.  I want to feel the sun on my skin.  Hot, dry burning sunshine.  But the forecast is not good.

Talking of rain, what is the point of installing a water butt to collect rain that will water your garden, if your garden doesn’t ever need watering because it is permanently waterlogged on account of all the rain.  Almost as pointless as vegetable patches that remain undug.  The water butt is always full and the garden is always wet.  I guess I can always use it to rinse my car after washing it and in all seriousness we should never take water for granted.  It does rain a lot in Britain but we do have long dry spells.  And furthermore, the process of getting the water to our taps and making it clean and safe to drink still relies on the burning of fossil fuels and so anything we can to to make ourselves more self-reliant is a good thing.

And on the point of pointlessness that isn’t really pointless but simply me having a pointless moan, can anyone tell me . . . what is the point of making a lovely meal of bangers and mash for my family . . . not your bog-standard bangers and mash but a fancy dish of creamy mashed ptoatoes with spring onions sprinkled on top, plenty of honey-glazed home-grown carrots, juicy cumberland sausages (vegetarian for me so you can lower those raised eye-brows) and a lovely thick, home-made onion gravy . . . what is the point if you then proceed to sieve lumps out of said lovely thick, home-made onion gravy right over the sink and watch the lovely gravy glugging right down the plug hole, never to be retrieved?

The world hates me.

Actually, I did cheer up later.   A question for the over-21’s amongst you – when was the last time your buddy gave you a backie on their bicycle?  I took my lad to the park on his bicycle accompanied by the rain and he gave me endless backies around the cycle track.  What a hoot.  Really works as a de-stresser, curly hair and all.  You should try it.


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