Twenty Green Bloggers

Jim Jay from the The Daily Maybe has compiled his annual Top Twenty Green bloggers list and he is also holding a poll of the top twenty bloggers for the People’s Choice Award.  You can view the top twenty and vote in the poll by visiting his blog.   I think the idea is for the bloggers to post the poll widget on their own blogs but my techno-twerpiness has far from left me and I just can’t get his code to work here, so if you’re interested in voting, you’ll have to visit Jim Jay’s blog.   Anyway, much gratitude to Jim Jay for doing this.  It must take up a lot of his time and effort.  He says it’s for fun but it also works to raise the profile of green bloggers and to crucially get the green message out there.  Jim Jay has gone to a lot of effort and he’s been kind enough to include my blog in the list so the least I can do is try to publicise his efforts here.


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