Oxfam Publication: Pastoralism and Climate Change

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone but Oxfam has said that the African Maasai tribe can help fight climate change by spreading their survival and adaptability skills across Africa.  Oxfam has issued a report entitled Survival of the Fittest: Pastoralism and Climate Change in East Africa

From the report:

Pastoralists in East Africa have been adapting to climate variability for millennia and their adaptability ought to enable them to cope with this growing challenge.

As Matt reported here, indigenous tribes are already fighting against governments and corporations to preserve their way of life.  Similarly, the pastoralists in sub-Saharan African are being continually marginalised in the decision-making so if the concept of trading skills could be adopted, it could possibly halt this habitual disregard for the tribalists and their way of life as well as povide a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change.  

For this to work, the tribes would need cooperation and support from the officials, as Kenyan minister, Mohammed Elmi said . . .

Their adaptability cannot be realised without government support and investment

I think perhaps we all should try to embrace some aspects of the Maasai lifestyle.  I’m sure the West could certainly benefit from a few lessons in adaptability.  I’m not suggesting we should all go and live off-grid in some arid desert or in the middle of a jungle but it’s a fact that pastoralism is a sustainable lifestyle with minimal emissions and if these tribes were empowered and enabled rather than hindered and disregarded, then I’m convinced they could teach us a great deal about adaptability, sustainability and ultimately survival.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Which shows ancient times were better. When there was no oil, we may have been less civilised but the world went smoother. LOL

    Does this mean civilisation is damaging our world?

    Yes, it does.


  2. I know what you mean Jose.

    We can’t undo the advances and we can’t uninvent all the bad stuff. Of course, a lot of the advances have been for the betterment of humanity.

    What is a civilised society anyway? We say the West is civilised but we go around invading and pillaging other countries. Men are beating up their wives. Kids (and adults) are falling around drunk on a Friday night. Kids are stabbing each other to death. Adults can’t contain their road rage. On it goes.

    We’re all just a bunch of barbarians. LOl.


  3. with a veneer…


  4. Oh yes of course, the outer gloss that hides a thousand faults.


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