Response to Downing Street’s Response to Petition

Downing Street has been criticised for its video response to the petition to make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister and I hear that the criticism is coming mostly from the political right.  Nope, the Tories haven’t found it in the slightest bit amusing and have accused Number 10 of frivolously wasting tax-payers money at a time when rising prices are affecting the British public.  Well they’re grasping a bit desperately there.  I mean how much could the thing have cost to make?  It’s about a minute long, it hardly involves any spectacular special effects and there are no high profile actors employed.  I reckon even motor mouth Clarkson would find it amusing. 

But it wasn’t just the Tories whose feelings were hurt by the Downing Street frivolity.  Some of Clarksons fans who signed the petition were offended, saying that they signed the petition in the good faith that it would be taken seriously.  What??  They were they actually serious about the petition?  Well excuse me while I snigger but a person has to stand for parliament before he or she can be elected.  But they already knew that so they couldn’t possibly have expected a serious response to their petition and their false indignation is merely a convenient excuse to have a go at the government. 

I think the video is quite funny.

Cheeribye folks.  I’m off to start a petition to make Jade Goody Prime Minister.


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