Urging for Greener Cars

There are three huge benefits to making cars more fuel efficient.  First, it will serve to to make us less dependent on oil.  Secondly, it will cut fuel costs which is a big plus for car owners.  And crucially, it will cut CO2 emissions.  Sounds simple enough but the car industry has failed, unsurprisingly, to commit to emissions reduction targets on a voluntary basis so mandatory targets for new cars are now necessary.  

The existing CO2 limit for new cars registerd in the EU is 160g CO2 per km.  In October this year the European Parliament is voting to adopt the European Commission’s proposed regulation of 130g CO2 per km.  But the guys at Friends of the Earth don’t believe the proposed cuts go far enough to have a sufficient impact and are campaigning for a more restrictive limit of 120g CO2 per km with further reductions to follow (80g/km in 2020 and 65g/km in 2025).

The European Parliament has repeatedly pledged it’s support for long-term targets and it now needs to be urged into being brave and ambitious.  Some amendments to the Bill have already been watered down so we need to get a wriggle on here folks and lobby our MEP’s.  The FOE campaign has made it easy for us by supplying template letters for us to *download here.  They’ve even provided (on the same page) the names and addresses of our MEP’s representing different UK regions. 

Please, just visit the FOE microsite and have a read-up.  But we don’t have much time, the battle begins in the next few days.  We can either sit back, do nothing and watch our fuel costs soar and the environment suffer.  Or we can get active (well a bit active anyway – it’s only a signature on a letter – they’re hardly asking for any effort!) and if the MEP’s listen, we get cheaper fuel bills and (and this is the best part) the planet starts smiling again.


*I’ve had difficulty downloading the letter so I have written my own but emailing them is an easy option although FOE say a letter is always more effective.


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