Assessing Sarah

Everybody is talking about that Sarah person – Sarah Palin who recently became McCain’s running mate in the American Presidential elections. She been attracting so much attention it’s hard to remember that she’s not actually running for Presidency herself.

She looks interesting and attractive in a sultry librarian kind of way so I thought I’d talk about her too. But I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of her before all this so I thought it best that I found out a bit about who she is and what she stands for etc..

I started by scanning the blog world and I found this super article straight away: Zhisou thinks she was chosen for reasons less to do with any appropriate political attributes and more to do with her being female. He says it was a tactical move by McCain to choose a woman and I think he is right. He finishes off by rightly showing his disdain towards the reaction of many women to this Palin choice, saying that judging by gender is turning the clock right back. Absolutely! It’s grossly hypocritical of the so-called feminists to be so . . . erm, hypocritical. Merit only please ladies! Equal chances yes! But ultimately, merit. As Zhisou says . . don’t choose her just because she’s a girl.

Anyway, after leaving my blog resources, I went straight for the horses mouth and visited Sarah’s very own website. And there she was, smiling down at me from a great web-headed height. I clicked her bio page and was once again greeted with her smiling face. She really is quite pretty to look at. But then, I scrolled down to look for more pictures of her (I always look at the pictures first) and I saw a snapshot of her stood over a dead animal. And she was laughing and happy and holding the dead mammal’s head up via it’s antlers. And I couldn’t help thinking that she’d somehow contributed to the poor creature’s state of deadness.

Disgusted but still intrigued, I moved on to Wiki whereby I learned that she has strongly promoted oil and gas exploration in Alaska, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Reservation which, incidentally, might cause some confusion (or embarrassment) because correct me if I’m wrong but at some point in my investigations, I read that the McCain current stance is that he opposes drilling in aforementioned Arctic refuge. Anyway, such is her desire to drill for that Arctic oil, she even campaigned against the protection of polar bears in the region. Gee, what a lovable gal.

Anyway, to speed things up as it’s late and I’m dropping fast . . . .

She’s a bible-thumping Creationist who wants to have creationism taught in schools (thanks Zhisou).

She vehemently opposes abortion and seeks to criminalise it.

She strongly encourages mining, drilling, timber and fishing.

She refuses to attribute climate change to human activity.

She has an appalling attitude towards animal rights.

She kills animals while hanging from helicopters.

She believes in free-market capitalism.

She promotes the use of fossil-fuels.

She’s a gun-head and an oil-head.

She is a member of the NRA.

She likes fur.

She hunts.

She is anti-abortion, anti-explicit sex-education, anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti-gun control, anti-stem-cell research.

All the ingredients of a true right-wing Christian fundamentalist. Some people believe we are looking at the first female American President. Lordy me! Another George Bush but prettier. And more clever.

Oh, I almost forgot the pro’s. She is pro-death penalty and she is a pro-life feminist. Pro-life feminist? Not quite sure how that works but the Liberal Conspiracy website is having a right proper debate about it.


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  1. Thanks for your kind words and link EP.

    You forgot to mention that wants creationism taught in schools – so she wants to force people to learn superstitous hokum in place of science.

    I think she did really well at the convention, and clearly is hugely talented, but her views are absolutely awful – I so hope she gets over-confident and messes up.

    So far McCain´s gamble is working though.


  2. Hi Zeddie.

    Yes, I was rushing in to insert that little fact before anyone noticed. You are way too fast MrZ. Lol. I’ve popped it in there anyway because it’s an important point I think.

    She did do well at the convention, I agree. She’s good. I tell you, her destination is the Whitehouse for sure. And she doesn’t want to be second best to anyone. But yes, dreadful, dreadful views.


  3. If ever John McCain is elected President, which I very much doubt after what the GOP wrongly did for the US, he will be paving the way for Ms Palin, who – hey presto! – was taken out of the hat at the last moment. A surprise magic which has always been very effective in politics.

    And the name of God always present when lies are being told, (Mr Bush is a master at this), what were fed the Americans with to be so sensitive to this strategy?


  4. McCain is showing his radical side by picking an unknown, but he´s showing his desperate side by assuring that the person who succeeds him at the helm of the GOP is an ultra-conservative who has abused power for vengance and personal gain.

    So much for wanting change. He wants power not change.

    I sincerely hope I´m wrong, but I think he´ll win. I am bored of Obama myself, and Palin does look fresh and different. Scary stuff – someone with such awful views and ideas can win through based on her charisma alone.


  5. Oh Lordy! Do you really think McCain will win? I have been thinking for a while that it will be Obama but since the Sarah person came on the scene, the dynamics have completely changed. I think you could be right Zhisou. And scary it is indeed.

    Hi Jose, I’ve been wondering about you. Hope you are well. Yes, I think she is headed for the main role. Another right-wing fundie lying in the name of Christianity. Woeful.


  6. Nothing serious, just my PC went down again. Fortunately it has been healed I hope for long

    Zhisou is not very much off the path, but Obama has corrected his course with the following:

    In politics having two parties vying with each other to rule is just a way out for tiredness, because as you may see Obama, despite everything said so far, is not far from Bush’s policy re Iraq.



  7. Yes, I agree Jose. But I guess Obama is the lesser of the two evils.

    The article confirms that all politicians flip-flop on the issues, no matter how serious those issues are, in order to win popularity. Sigh.

    Glad it was just your PC that was poorly.


  8. Thank you, Earthpal.


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