Green Party “Coming of Age”

Hearty congratulations to Caroline Lucas who has just become the first solo leader of the Green party. I have faith and confidence in her when she says the party is on track to see its first MP’s in Westminster.

Congrats also to Adrian Ramsay, who now becomes deputy leader.

Listen to Caroline’s acceptance speech here. Be inspired.


3 responses to this post.

  1. What is astonishing is that Green Parties have not yet got members of parliament in all countries.

    I also expect Ms Lucas achieves what she is after.


  2. I know Jose. It’s probably partly because the main parties talk the green talk and the voters trust them. But when it comes to action, they are just that – all talk.


  3. You are right there, Earthpal. Main parties usurp the space that is naturally assigned to Greens.


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