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There is an excellent article written in today’s Guardian by Paul Theroux. He talks about hunting and the Republicans and how . . . “hunting seems to define a certain species of American politician.” He also writes about Sarah Palin’s love of the mighty moose (especially if said moose’s innards are being boiled in her stewing-pan and it’s fur is draped over her sofa).

In his article, the writer quotes Henry David Thoreau and says . . .

“In one of the great passages in the Chesuncook chapter, Thoreau writes how the moose and the pine tree are linked in his mind. “A pine cut down, a dead pine, is no more a pine than a dead human carcass is a man.” And he anticipated the environmental movement when he spoke of the “petty and accidental uses” of whales and elephants, turned into “buttons and flageolets”. He continues: “Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve life than destroy it.”

Well worth reading.


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  1. Man, that awful depredator. Roosevelt took down 512 pieces in Africa. One person, 512 animals, and one is surprised wildlife is so scarce in that Continent.

    But to think that the same thing happens with human beings makes my blood curdle: I don’t remember just now how many Americans have died in Iraq, but the proportion regarding the dead Iraqis is lower than Roosevelt’s feat. I understand more than one million Iraqis would not be a wrong figure for about 4 thousand American soldiers.

    Curiously enough in the background is also the Great Old Party.


  2. Theroux is a great travel writer, not so keen on his novels though, I will try to read that article.

    When did the GOP social conservatice agenda become so packed with such an eclectic mix of disconnected things? Why do they think that their bunch of beliefs are somehow more moral?

    They believe:
    The world was created in six days about 5000 years ago
    Abortion is wrong (fair enough)
    Capital punishment is right
    Hunting is good
    Guns are good
    Families are good (who thinks they´re not?)
    Community is good, but tax is always bad (!)
    Charity is good but welfare is morally wrong
    Corporate welfare is good
    Homosexuality is evil
    Tax is okay for defence spending and corporate welfare
    The environment is there to be trashed

    I don´t see that these beliefs have to sit together – there´s nothing about them to suggest a coherent philosophy.

    I think it was during the 80s when tax became necessarily evil and the direct opposite of freedom. This is nonsense and has been enormously damaging to the ability of governments to enable and deliver true freedom and opportunity.


  3. Jose, you are spot on to mention the human slaughter too. The GOP certainly has a problem with compassion, that’s for sure.

    Zhisou, well said. You’ve summed them up precisely. Yes, the Christian right in particular really believe that they have the monopoly on morals.

    The Theroux article is very good, short enough to read in your coffee break and still leave you time for a nap. Lol.


  4. the article is indeed well worth reading. thank you for the link and prompt to visit.

    much hunting is done in Canada, only a small percentage out of necessity.

    we must call into question our thirst for many sports and recreational activities that are linked to guns and bullets, and look at why many people, even whole countries, are so attached to weapons.

    power, control, wealth, selfishness are words that quickly come to mind.

    Gord Harrison, Canada


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