She’s no Arctic Angel

Well I could be accused of using this as an excuse to post a You Tube of the gorgeously handsome Matt Damon but in it he does ask a very important question. He wants to know if Sarah Palin believes that dinosaurs existed 4000 years ago. He thinks this it’s really important that we know this because this woman will after all, possess the nuclear codes.

I think he’s right to make this question. Ok, George Bush had his god-fearing finger on the nuke button for eight years but he was too dumb to know what to do with it. We’re talking here about a reasonably intelligent but compassionately barren woman and it is quite scary.

I have a horrid feeling that the Americans are going to screw up again and vote for Palin. I know Palin isn’t the Presidential candidate but the electorate will be knowingly voting for her in essence because after all, as this poster says . . . she is only an elderly heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Last election, the Americans voted for someone they could sit and have a beer with. This time they’ll be voting for the Arctic Angel, defender of the oil industry and Alaska’s Mightiest Milf.

I’d laugh but it’s just not funny. Because choosing Sarah was purely a political manoeuvre, here’s hoping that he drops her as soon as he wins.


5 responses to this post.

  1. What I’ve read about Palin gives me to understand she is very erratic, or rather she acts in accordance with the scene being shot every moment. Although she has to contradict herself.


  2. “here’s hoping that he drops her as soon as he wins”

    Assuming he wins, can he do that?


  3. Yes I think you’re right Jose about her erratic opinions but I read that she didn’t allow certain conservative remits through in Alaska so she could get the Democrats on board for certain oil related votes. She’s probably a little smarter than we dare think.

    I agree with you EP; the concern is that the rednecks will prevail again.


  4. This American and all of her American family will NOT be voting for Palin.


  5. Jose, yes she says what she thinks is appropriate at the time but liars must remember their lies in order for them to get away with it.

    Hi Weggis, I think he has a much better chance of winning now that he’s got the Sarah person onboard.

    Matty, yes, I think she’s very much like George Bush but the scary thing is, as you say, she’s a lot smarter.

    Helen, I didn’t doubt it for a moment. You are way too smart for that. 🙂


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