Today my son called me a horse-back-breaker. Later he said I was a vile standing tuck and a huge bombard of sack.

He’s been learning about the Tudors and his teacher has given him a most comprehensive list of insults that the Tudors used.

To give you further examples:

Bolting Hutch of Beastliness!

Thou Greasy Tallow-Catch

Stuffed Cloak-bag of Guts!

Gosh those Tudors were so bad. Can you imagine Henry VIII using such language? Or Shakespeare? Indeedeth I can!

Somehow, they just don’t reach the spot nowadays do they. I mean they are just not offensive enough. They certainly wouldn’t satisfy my own tourette’s moments. A merry old cuss-fest in our gentlewomen’s rest room cometh the lunching hour is a muchly gratifying experience after an earnest days labour and those comical Tudor-words would not sufficeth.


5 responses to this post.

  1. […] It’s one business that this country can survive perfectly well without. It’s ok, the bolting hutches of beastliness won’t become paupers overnight. They have huge personal assets, probably much more wealth […]


  2. And to think that despite our claiming we are more civilised nowadays our languages have cared to introduce stronger and more abundant epithets. LOL.


  3. That was so laughable. So lets try this, if someone is annoying the daylights out of us.. should we say “ah to wring thy gnarly neck would feeleth like a kiss from a maiden’s lips”? or is that too many words.


  4. No, no, t’is fine Mysoul. Indeed it is.

    Lol. Methinks we would make great Tudors.


  5. Jose, I know! Civilised my %$&* Lol.

    It was Gandhi who said when asked what he thought about Western civilisation . . . yes, it would be a very good idea.


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