Being a Refugee

Mysoul has a wonderful and moving way of expressing her thoughts. This powerful and touching poem that she wrote on her blog is one example:


Its a long walk to the border
Little tired legs swing
As she rides the strong shoulder
“Daddy, how much farther?”
“Just beyond that Hill” says the Man.

“How many times is that?” the Man wonders
On this long journey to the no man’s land
Fear hides behind these mundane words
“Just a little further”,
“Beyond that tree”,
“Beyond that river”,
“Across that valley”,
“Just another day’s walk”
“Just… just… just”
Knowing full well,
Just beyond the horizon
Is the great Unknown
Yet he walks,
Gathering hope,
Picking up courage,
Building faith within,
Just so,
His daughter may live,
Without the scars of war.

See. The asylum-seeker has a face . . . a human face. And a heart that hurts.

In Britain there are those who believe we should always give asylum to genuine refugees. There are those who believe that refugees are putting a huge strain on our country’s resources and that we have no choice but to reject their applications and deport them. And there are those who believe that they are all disingenous scroungers seeking to exploit our generous welfare.

Mysoul’s poem shows us the human face of the refugee.

Unfortunately, those who make the decisions – the cold and detached officials who see only faceless names on paper, and the current government and it’s opposition party who impose knee-jerking asylum policies that pander to the tabloid hysterics about the country being swamped by refugees, they will never see the human story within.  And it’s to their great shame.


4 responses to this post.

  1. And to think that ages ago people moved around the world unhampered. Of course they did not have to pay fares.

    Well there was food enough then, something that our leaders have not really taken an interest in on a fundamental basis, such as making it simpler and easier for poor countries to grow sufficiently for their maintenance.

    I am sure it isn’t easy for those immigrants to leave behind all that is dear to them.


  2. Hi earthie,
    have you seen the Danish film – Pelle the Conqueror ?

    It puts not only a face
    but also mind, soul and emotions
    and the sadness that goes with almost every emigration.


  3. Hi Little Indian.

    No, I haven’t even heard of the film. I’ve just googled it and it sounds like an inspiring film . . . without all the Hollywood glamour.

    I’ll look out for it.


  4. Jose, you’re right.

    I often think of poor wretched families who squeeze themselves into vans for days and days in an effort to cross the borders into a better world. Who would risk all and put themselves through such dangers if they weren’t desperate?


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