Amnesty Appeal

The government is soon to push its 42 day detention bill through parliament and Amnesty is asking us not to sleepwalk into it. The bill will allow the police to lock terror suspects up for 42 days without charge. And if, perchance, it doesn’t matter to you that some random person with a Muslim name, who knows someone who is related to someone whose sister’s boyfriend’s cousin happened to download an essay with the word Jihad in the title, is arrested under the aforementioned terrorist law, please bear in mind that circumstances can arrange for any one of us, at any time, to fall foul of this terror law and become “terror suspects”. Try to imagine how you would feel.

The bill will breach our civil liberties without increasing our security.

If you haven’t already signed against this bill, here’s your chance:

Say ‘No’ to 42 days.


6 responses to this post.

  1. The world hasn’t changed. We live today as our chums of the Middle Ages lived. Only difference is that the death penalty has been deleted from our laws – some laws – well that’s some progress, isn’t it?


  2. I agree with Jose above, we havent changed inspite of all our Modernity and Civilized Attitudes to life. We found newer ways to kill people – 1. put them in a situation where they are totally helpless and then let them out with a wiped out reputation that they will carry on throughout their lives, like a spear head stuck in the ribs that cannot be removed for fear of puncturing the lung. 2. Use the most sophisticated weapon that will leave ever-lasting health effects on the living so that they lead lives like the zombie- cant die, cant live, while scarring the young ones to a degree where they dont know what Normal Life is all about.


  3. Yes, it’s a pitiful state isn’t it. It’s comforting to know that there are good and compassionate people such as yourselves in the world. Otherwise, there’d be little hope.


  4. The Lords said ‘no’ for you and the government have dropped it. Your prayers have been answered.


  5. Yes, and it’s good news Matty. But unfortunately . . . it ain’t over yet.

    Thanks for the links Ders. Haven’t got time to watch them yet but will catch up as soon as.


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