Good One!

Goodone is, in their own words, an award-winning, sustainable fashion design company with an edge. They design and produce innovative, quality, one-off clothing made from hand-picked, locally-sourced, recycled fabrics.

And another principled feature of this company is that one of their design ranges is supporting and promoting the No Torture, No compromise campaign led by Human Rights group Liberty. All the profits from this range will be donated to the group. Liberty is a human rights organisation that fights for our basic civil rights and challenges Parliament when our government seeks to undermine those basic civil rights.

If I was a young and gorgeous eighteen year old again, I know I would be proud to strut my ethical stuff in such innovative and outlandish gear (sans the dodgy neck attire admittedly).

Good one indeed.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Young and gorgreous again? Don´t tease us EP.

    The green movement won´t do itself any favour if it encourages that kind of neckwear.


  2. Me . . . tease? Never.

    Yes, the neck thing is a bit over the top.


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