What’s on and what’s not

This place is fast becoming a weekend blog and things aren’t likely to change in the foreseeable. What with working full-time, having cross country university tours to attend, rugby tournaments to tour (he’s playing full contact now you know and I did get my own way on the padded shirt thing) and dancing queens to taxi around for rehearsals and shows, it leaves me with very little mid-week blogging time. Even the weekends are a rush because it’s the only time I get to catch up with the mundanities of life such as shopping and housework. And I can totally write-off a day of rest! Not a chance.

That said, we are off to Centreparcs on the 17th for a week of outdoor and indoor activities, fun and games. Yay! We’re also planning to kick back and relax and maybe get ourselves a sauna and a massage or two. Me laddie wants to do some abseiling and canoeing and Middlie has roped me into some horse riding which I’m not muchly pleased about. I love horses but I’ve never sat on one in my life, unless you can count the donkey rides on Blackpool beach that used to scare me to death, mainly on account of me once getting my leg stuck between the donkey I was riding and its not-so-friendly colleague, a competitive donkey with a mean streak that went by the name of Mean Streak and took it upon his donkey self to win the race by pushing me and my lovely humble little ass into the cold, grey sea. Scared me to bloody death it did.

Anyway, I will try to keep up on a regular basis because the blog world is a fickle place and unattended blogs soon get pushed off the radar. It’s probably already too late but I’ll carry on because regardless of visitors (or lack thereof), when I get the chance to rant, I do so enjoy it.

Have a great weekend folks.


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  1. Enjoy, life is lived once only. My best wishes.


  2. Have a good Off Time. :). I do wish there was an alert system on WordPress, so when the ones on our blogroll write, we get an email letting us know there’s a new entry, that would sort of make being absent not out of the radar.


  3. You can´t count donkeys, donkeys aren´t horses.

    Don´t worry about the numbers, it´s only you keeping me afloat EP – but I like to pretend it will be discovered one day.

    You can´t count donkeys as horses though.


  4. Donkeys are the modest version of horses, Zhisou. LOL


  5. It’s a bit like that here at the moment too! 🙂


  6. Thanks guys.

    Mysoul, the blogsurfer thing will keep you up to date with your favourite blogs. Trouble with me is that I keep forgetting to check it out. Lol.

    Zhisou, I didn’t think I’d get away with the donkey thing. And your blog is so excellent, it’s sure to be discovered but if not, some geniuses are destined to remain exclusive.

    Dearest Jose, thank you. And to add to my blogging obstacles, my computer has gone all temperamental on me. Sigh.

    Hi Matty, I’ve missed you. Regards to you and yours.


  7. Thanks EP, I intend releasing my excellent blog in book form, I was thinking “The Zhisou Papers” would be an ideal title. Just need to convince the right people to publish and pay a handsome advance.

    Jose – your definition of horse is generous – clearly you are being kind which is admirable, but then we must draw in zebras, mules, asses and hippos (although they are probably not actually related to horses).


  8. Zeddie, The Zhisou Papers sounds fantastic. I want a signed copy up front, in the meantime, I will catch up with you soon.


  9. I didn’t know Zhisou was again at it. I’ll get into touch again.


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