Nature: Days Out

My parents used to bring me here regularly and I loved every minute. I enjoy it just as much as an adult. Ok, it’s not Niagara but there’s certainly some dramatic and powerful scenery. Well worth a day trip with the kids . . . and equally as good without them.

Ingleton Waterfalls


6 responses to this post.

  1. It’s take-my-breath beautiful.


  2. It feels very peaceful and beautiful. :). Not everything needs to look like Naigara to be beautiful…Beauty does come in different sizes, packages and styles ;).


  3. One of the landscapes of the Britain I love. There are many of them.


  4. Watch out, someone will want to development into a nuclear theme park soon! And they might have a French accent. 🙂


  5. Helen, yes, it really is spectacular. The photo’s don’t do it enough justice.

    Mysoul, beautifully said.

    Jose, yes, there are many beauty spots around Britain.

    Matty, I don’t doubt that people have tried. Developers would build on anything if they could. Will catch up with you soon (and your poll thingy).


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